5 New Options to Print Your Family Photos

Family photos used to be something you’d get printed at the local photo store and then fill albums with. Something you’d keep on the coffee table or end table in the living room. You might have also put together a slideshow to show off family vacations to friends you had over for dinner. The digital age has changed all this. You can still print out family photos on paper, but there are new options available to you as well.

Quilts and Blankets

These are quite traditional or old-fashioned ways you can print out family photos now. These can make a great gift to a distant, older relative, such as an aunt or grandmother, who wants to see her kin every time she goes to bed. They also work great for kids who can go to sleep knowing they are surrounded by a family who loves them. Most of the time these types of quilts or blankets are often hung on a wall for all to see and are seldomly used. 


Lithography is a style of art that has been around for some time but has been gaining popularity again recently. It is the process in which a flat surface is treated with a type of repellent except where you want the ink. This allows the ink to bind only where you want it. Good examples of this are the up-and-coming metal prints. Whether you order lithography on your own or do it yourself using parts and equipment from places such as Lithography Solutions, LLC, you can create fantastic pieces of wall art that you are proud to mount in your living room or dining area. Such a piece is impossible for guests to ignore and can quickly become a conversation topic. 

Ornaments and Decorations

There have long been options for printing photos and then hanging them in an ornamental frame for specific holidays, but now you can get ornaments made with the photo printed right onto the actual ornament. You can get traditional balls for Christmas trees and many other shapes and sizes based on the specific occasion you want to decorate for. You can do almost anything from family to individual photos. 


You rely on your family for support as much as they rely on you. Printing a family photo on a pillow is a great way to make that support physical and your love for one another visible. Rest your head on a great memory while you take a nap or read a book, or just curl up with a family-photo pillow when you want to hug someone virtually because they’re not there. Family-photo pillows are great ways for kids going off to college to remember they are not alone wherever they are.

Books and Albums

Last, but not least, is the traditional photo book or album. There are many companies now that will put together the entire album for you. Most, if not all, will let you rearrange and set everything up where you want them before submission. Some of the well-known options are Snapfish or Shutterfly, there is even a popular option called Chatbooks that allows you to connect your social media account and pick directly from the photos that you have already shared. The digital age has made it easier than ever to savor the memories you have created.

Your family photos don’t have to be just Facebook and Instagram images. You can display your favorite memories in unique and creative ways that make them more likely to get noticed than ever before. Explore each of these new options to print your family photos to see what works for your home.

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