Wedding Venues Worth Looking Into

Planning a wedding is such a special and exciting time in your life, and you’re likely searching for the perfect venue to have it. Perhaps you’ve gone to a number of mundane reception halls or chapels and are just not finding the right fit for you and your fiance. In cases like this, it can help if you expand your scope a bit, and looking into some other options can help.

Rustic Sites

If you love the outdoors, hosting your wedding reception at a rustic site can be just the right fit. You may choose a venue that is entirely outdoors or under a tent, though do have a backup plan in the event of inclement weather. Another option is to look into a barn or farmhouse. Many of these venues allow you to have a rustic wedding while still offering modern amenities, such as stylish furniture and indoor bathrooms.

Waterfront Venues

Regardless of the season in which you are getting married, a wedding venue on the water is sure to offer your guests stunning views. You might have the opportunity to take pictures on the docks or to ride into your reception on a boat. During the warmer months, the venue may have the ability to allow the ceremony or the cocktail hour to take place right on the water with gentle waves crashing in the background.


A ballroom is a great and rather versatile option for a wedding venue, like Russo’s On The Bay, as it can double as both the wedding site and where you can hose the reception. The large, open space allows for you and your wedding party to rearrange the furniture as needed. You might even allow everyone to sit at the reception tables while you walk down the aisle, allowing the reception to start immediately after completing your vows.

Home Weddings

Some couples have seriously special attachments to their homes or to the houses in which they grew up. If you have a robust backyard or a mansion in the family, you might choose to have the wedding there rather than pay for a public venue. You can bring in an outside caterer, musicians, and other entertainment features to dress up the area. It’s also possible that you and your partner want a smaller and more casual wedding, which can feel much cozier in the comfort of a home.

Historic Sites

Imagine walking into a ballroom in a castle or dining on delicious food in a historic mansion that is filled with decor from times of the past. This idea can be a truly splendid one if you and your partner are history buffs. You could select one of your favorite local landmarks to have your reception at. Another option is to choose to host the ceremony at the historic site and throw the reception at another venue.

When you think of a wedding, you might picture a typical church chapel or catering hall. Some couples will find that such places are just the right fit for them. Others duos, however, will want a different type of style for their wedding day. Fortunately, you have an array of options to explore to make your special day the best it can be.

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