How to make your inner and outer beauty balanced

People always try to distinguish the inner beauty and the outer beauty as if you could have weather first or the second one. The truth is, there should be a balance between those two parts of your personality. The way you feel inside will reflect on your outside looks so you should make your welfare and inner balance a priority anyway. This means that having a good sleep, drinking enough water, using natural products and eating well, and being healthy is more important than makeup and hair extensions. Your inner welfare will make you feel better and look better, which will furthermore continue your urge to take care of yourself.

Focus on what you have and nurture it

Avoid thinking constantly about something you don’t have. If you are short or have thin lips embrace it as a part of your looks that probably matches perfectly with the rest of your body or face. It is who you are and you don’t need to look like someone else. Other facial features might look good on other people, but you already look good with what you have. Be free to have a choice whether you will go out with or without makeup. For many women, this is not a choice since they feel insecure without being completely dressed up for any occasion. Make it a preference and not an obligation. You will be more confident and it will be noticeable in your behavior. Self-confidence is one of the greatest traits that can make you look better and attractive.

Laugh therapy is real

Although we shouldn’t embrace the toxic positivity where only good emotions count, neglecting the bad ones, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t laugh off some stressful moments. Instead of making a bored and dull face when doing something you don’t like, such as some boring statistical report at your work, try forcing your facial muscles into a smile and do it that way. After a while, you might feel that the tedious job has become more light for you. You don’t have anything to lose. By being more smiley, you will look more receptive and polite to others so there might be some new friendships and a more pleasant situation around you. You might notice that other people react the same way, smiling back. Good human relationships are very important for well-being since communication and human contact are crucial for good mental health.

Dress up even if there is no special occasion

We mentioned that dressing up and wearing makeup should be a choice and not an obligation, which implies that you are not supposed to dress up only if there is a special occasion. Do it whenever you feel like it. If there is just a regular day at work and you feel like you need some elegance or glam, why not use that good mood and reflect it on your outer self. In case you feel more like wearing a bun and jeans, this is perfectly fine as long as you listen to your inner mood.

Take care of your health

Some things don’t depend entirely on us. You might have some skin issues that are not solvable by homemade products or you might have any other sort of health issues like weight problems, or any disease. In cases like this, it is recommendable that you don’t postpone a visit to a professional. A good nutritionist can help you achieve good eating habits and make a diet especially for you and a good dermatologist can help you solve any imperfection you might have on your skin, leaving it spotless. Glowy skin is one of the best signs of good health and it will never pass unnoticed.

Meditate to relieve stress

Stress is known as a silent killer since people mostly don’t notice it until it affects their health. The problem with stress is that we slowly accommodate to feeling it until it becomes invisible and our stress threshold becomes higher every time. Stress can reflect your looks if it prevents you from sleeping and eating well. You might even have problems with your skin and hair, like hair loss. It is important to have a daily routine that will help you relax and cope with any stressful moments. You can have small sessions before work that only take like 5 minutes each day and you can increase the amount of time after a while. Meditation is a way to escape problems and negative thoughts and it will help you concentrate and prepare for any daily challenges.

Give kindness to receive kindness

Kind people are attractive because their personalities are nice and receptive. Even if they are not perfect from the outside, people will forget their flaws and focus on having a good personality. If you want others to see your best side, be kind to people and you will be responded to in the same way in the majority of the cases. Boost your self-confidence by not comparing yourself to others and being yourself. This way people will see you as an authentic person and you will be respected for that.

Outer beauty has been so much appreciated by social media that people sometimes forget there has to be a balance between your outer and inner self. Only that way will you achieve true welfare and physical and mental health.

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