The Perfect Engagement Gifts For Your Soon-To-Be Wife

If you have only recently become engaged to your soulmate or intended to a while ago but delayed your plans to the disruption caused by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, then firstly, congratulations! Secondly, it is time to buy your wife the most perfect engagement gift that shows you just how much you are looking forward to spending the rest of your life with her. 

With that in mind, continue reading to discover the perfect engagement gifts for your soon-to-be wife.

A Timeless Piece of Jewelry

One of the most classic engagement gifts to bestow on your leading lady is that of a piece of timeless jewelry. 

Naturally, one assumes you have already given her the engagement ring and even if you haven’t, you cannot feasibly pass the ring off as the engagement present itself (unless you want to start your married life in negative ‘brownie’ points. 

Whether a subtle yet stunning necklace, a pair of beautifully set earrings or a delicate bracelet, investing in a quality yet affordable piece of jewelry for your future wife from a renowned maker, such as Katie Waltman Jewelry is a great way to start your onward journey together. 

Pebble Art

A more affordable yet incredibly thoughtful idea as an engagement gift for your wonderful fiancé is a framed piece of pebble art, tailormade to the both of you. 

There are a myriad of different sizes, style and colors available for you to choose from, and all pebble art products usually have both your fiancé and your own names, any pets you have and anything else you would like to include, represented by pebbles and framed on a beach scene with any text in your choice of font. 

Sentimental and meaningful, a framed piece of pebble art is the perfect way to celebrate your engagement and the ideal gift for your soon-to-be wife. 

Bespoke Candle Set

Over the past two years or so, oil burners, wax melts and candles have increased in popularity (somewhat exponentially) and as a result, there is a wide plethora of new and successful companies who solely produce bespoke and tailor-made candles.

A beautifully unique and incredibly caring gift for your fiancé would be to design a candle with scents that will remind her of the memories you have shared together so far and submit a photograph of the two of you together, or of your entwined hand on the day of your engagement, to be wrapped around the jar of the candle itself. 

Annual Subscription Gifts

For a gift you know your fiancé will not only adore, but a practical gift that will keep on giving, is an annual subscription service to be delivered to your home once a month. 

Choose from their favorite magazine so they no longer have to trek to the store to buy it, a different type of chocolate selection box every month, a wine or craft beer subscription, or for the avid reader, a book a month for an entire year.

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