Got Scraggly Looking Trees in Your Yard? How to Take Care of Them

If your lawn is not looking its best due to scraggly trees, take care of the problem now so that you can enjoy quality outdoor time in a neat and appealing environment. Here are some things you can do.

Add Accents

For trees you really love for sentimental reasons and are committed to keeping them, take an artistic approach to accentuate their offbeat appearance. Install a small picket fence around the base of the tree. Add a decorative bench or a couple of lawn chairs. An ornate bird bath beneath the tree or a cute birdhouse hanging from the branch can draw people’s attention to these attractive elements. Plant wildflowers around the base or to one side of the tree. Make the most of your anomaly by using contrast or support.

Trim the Tree

Trees that start to look raggedy due to outgrowths around the base or when stems push out from the trunk can be trimmed to look neat again. Use hedge clippers for smaller vines and twigs that appear on the tree trunk and mow those that spurt from the ground. Larger branches can be sawed off to maintain a neat look for the tree. Heavier branches closer to the top could be trimmed to give the tree a more balanced look so that it doesn’t appear to be top-heavy.

Remove Deadwood

Sometimes, a tree will have branches that appear to split from the trunk. These might be okay and require no specific treatment. But if one of the splits is narrow and starts to lean over sharply, or if the foliage is dying, you will probably want to remove the dead branches and limbs. Many trees can spring back to life when you trim or remove deadwood, so take off only what is necessary to keep your tree healthy and looking good.

Cut Down the Tree

When a tree gets old and decrepit or develops health problems due to fungus or plant disease, you may have no choice but to remove it. Taking down a tree requires the right tools and know-how to avoid property damage and personal injury. You may want to contact a tree removal business for a cost estimate if you prefer for them to do the work for you. Alternatively, you can ask questions and get advice on how to do it yourself.

Take care of the trees in your yard so that you can fully enjoy being outside without unsightly overgrowth or the risk of injury. The above tips can help you tackle the problem with good results.

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