Redoing Your Back Patio? 4 Types of Materials to Choose From for the Job

When you’re planning to refurbish your patio, you have plenty of material options to consider. You can choose one or combine some to get the design you want. Consider the best features of each type to optimize its use in your renovated patio area.


Gardeners and landscapers use limestone for a variety of creative patio styles. It can be used in walls and border structures for patio floors and paths for the adjoining lawn or garden. You can use limestone as a primary material source or for parts like patio or yard walls. It provides a versatile accent for key points in the yard like a floral display or a recreational area with swings or benches. Limestone is available in shapes like bricks or blocks. Similar to other patio construction materials, it is solid and may require equipment for placement.


Bricks are a universal favorite for landscaping designs. A brick floor can look old fashioned or offer an urban design for your outdoor patio. Like other construction materials, brick comes in various colors and sizes, so you can pick the types that work best with your patio style. Bricks provide a neat boundary for flower beds and gardens. A brick path in your yard suggests overtones of early America or traditional Europe. They can be cleaned to remove mold or scuffing and may hold up for years.


Stable and enduring, concrete is a builder’s best friend. Not only is it highly useful as a foundation for homes and buildings of all kinds, but it also provides a stable structure for patio designs of all kinds. Concrete comes in many styles, such as smooth, inlaid, or scored. You can find a range of concrete colors and inscribed patterns to go with your home’s exterior for a coordinated look. Shapes and sizes vary, too.


Flexible and maneuverable, pavers offer versatility and convenience when remodeling your patio. From squiggly shapes to conventional design, you will love the look that pavers add to your patio when you use them creatively. One of the nicest things about them is that they connect like snap-together parts without the need for adhesive or mechanical help. Use the same color consistently in your patio or mix and match different colors to create a unique pattern.

With so many great materials to consider, you can enjoy arranging your patio makeover to get it just the way you like. With quality products and skilled labor, you will be spending all your spare time on your updated, attractive new patio.

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