Freezer Not Keeping Food Cold? Try This

You don’t want to take food out of the freezer and find that it is half thawed. Not only will that change the food’s texture, but it can also mean that bacteria may have gotten into the food. This means that your freezer has to function correctly to keep your food safely stored so you don’t get sick when you eat it. Try the following tips to keep your food safely frozen.

Pack Items Compactly

It may seem counterintuitive, but the more items you have in your freezer, the more efficiently the cold air keeps everything cold at the correct temperature. This means that a more full freezer will help keep your food colder, longer. Stack containers close together and on top of each other. Pack bags of frozen foods close together to keep them snug. You may need to turn some products onto their side and line them up that way so that everything will fit without wasted freezer space. If you don’t have enough food to fill the freezer, pack all the food closely in one area.

Keep the Freezer Full

Another way to optimize the cold air in your freezer is to keep it packed full. If your freezer is not always full of food, you can place clean, empty boxes in the freezer to fill the open spaces. This helps to preserve the cold air and ensure that your food is kept at the right temperature. You can move the boxes around, adding or removing them as needed, when you take food out of the freezer or add more.

Check for Proper Operation

Many freezers have a temperature gauge that indicates how many degrees the freezer is set at or operating at. Check the gauge periodically to ensure the temperature remains at the correct level. If it appears off, try using your own gauge to check the air temperature. It’s also a good idea to make sure the refrigerator temperature is remaining consistent and where it should be. Check that gauge occasionally as well. Some models have a general manual control that ranges from low to high. If the temperature seems too low to keep your food safe, increase the temperature gauge to see if that helps.

Schedule Maintenance and Repair

If you notice a persistent problem with fluctuating or inadequate cold temperatures in your freezer, contact an expert refrigerator repair technician for help. You can schedule an appointment for maintenance and any needed repairs if necessary. If repairs are planned, request quality materials like Hussmann case parts for your refrigerator. Avoid using used parts to fix the problem as they may wear out more quickly than new parts.

Keep your freezer working efficiently to avoid higher energy costs and the risk of food-borne illness. Check out suspected issues and take care of them to avoid a serious problem.

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