What Can Be Done When Your AC Won’t Run

Staying cool during the warmer months is essential for everyone, and the air conditioning system is usually the best way to keep your home comfortable. However, when it stops working, problems arise, including discomfort, uncontrollable sweating, and even medical issues due to the heat. It is necessary to monitor your AC unit regularly, ensuring it’s operating correctly; likewise, you need to have plans for an unexpected system breakdown, to ease the situation and get things back up to par.

Clean the Filter

Busy schedules can cause you to forget the simplest tasks, including changing or replacing a filter. While it seems minor to you, this is something that can block airflow and freeze the coils. If this happens, the AC unit is unable to cool your home. Therefore, cleaning the filter is vital regardless if your system is new or has been installed for long periods. You can expect the unit to be full of debris and dust that clog the air filter and prevent it from running, so remember to clean it when necessary.

Check for Motor Failure

The older an AC system is, the more wear and tear has taken place on its motor, and it could cause a faulty capacitor, and your unit will not turn on. An idea to consider is testing the multimeter, but only after the unit’s power has been turned off completely. During this step, you will determine if the motor works; if not, you will need to call for assistance. If the motor is okay, a professional should help locate the reason your AC won’t run.

Avoid Resetting Constantly

Although you may feel like this is beneficial, it could damage the system even more and cause replacement, as opposed to manageable repairs. The only time to turn the AC on and off is if a professional company such as Metro Express Service gives you those instructions. If not, wait until someone with the training and expertise is there to do these steps repeatedly.

Stay Cool While Waiting

While sitting inside and the AC won’t run, you can take steps to maintain some comfort until the unit is fixed or replaced. For example, keep the lights off, especially during the day, to prevent light bulbs from emitting extra amounts of heat. It is also essential to continue drinking water and other healthy beverages to stay hydrated; these drinks could keep your body temperature low. Instead of cooking, consider eating cold foods or leftovers that don’t need reheating. Another option is to leave home until the AC system has been repaired. You can visit with family and friends or take a day to spend at cooler locations, such as coffee shops or the mall.

These are tips you can use in case your AC won’t run. Remember to stay calm and think quickly to avoid discomfort, medical issues, and more.

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