Ideas for How to Transform a Ballroom Into a Wedding Venue

Booking a ballroom for your wedding is a smart idea for several reasons. A ballroom provides you with room to move and customize the space to your needs, guests will have plenty of room to dance after the ceremony, and the space likely has ample parking so accommodating everyone shouldn’t be an issue. In order to make the wedding even more to your liking, follow some tips for turning the ballroom into the perfect nuptial venue.

Perfect the Layout

When guests are seated too closely together, they might feel uncomfortable and even too warm depending on the temperature that day. Too much space between the tables, however, can make the space lack intimacy. Speak with a representative from the ballroom venue to find out what the typical layouts are for the tables are and what adjustments can be made should you need them. Also, think carefully about where the musical performers are located in proximity to the tables should you choose to go with live entertainment. For example, seat guests who are sensitive to sound away from the band.

Choose a Theme

You also get to transform the event center, somewhere like The Crane Bay Event Center, in any way you choose to really make it your own space for the day. If you want to have a theme, select a style that is the right fit for both you and your partner. You can be as extravagant or as minimal with the theme as you want. Some couples choose decorations, menus, favors, and outfits based on the theme. Others will infuse more subtle hints of their theme into things like the flowers and invitations. Even if you don’t opt to have a theme, you can still decorate the ballroom in your wedding colors.

Bring in Personal Touches

You don’t want the ballroom to feel cold and distant or just plain boring; like it could be anyone’s wedding instead of yours. One way to make the space unique to you and your partner is to put up signs asking attendees to fill in a guestbook with a special message or to try one of your signature cocktails. Many couples also choose to set up a memorial table. Setting up framed photos of your loved ones who have passed away is a sentimental way to honor these special individuals.

Hire the Right Caterer

Food is such an important part of the wedding. Sometimes, a ballroom is the property of a catering hall, so delicious cuisine will be on site. If not, select a catering company that has a strong reputation in the community. You might decide to opt for traditional wedding cuisine, or you may choose ethnic dishes that are a part of your heritage. Having the option to customize the menu is a way to make the celebration more personal.

A ballroom has a lot of potentials to transmute into a stunning wedding reception venue. By adding personal touches and a flair for design, you can make this space your own.

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