Are Silicone Injections Really A Good Idea for You?

Many of us have wished to change a feature or two of our bodies. Beauty standards have risen quite exponentially over the past few years. Social media influencers have become more open about the procedures they have gotten done. The positive reviews encourage others to follow the bandwagon.

However, the changing perspectives are not enough to shut down all criticism against the use of silicone injections. There still are questions raised about the safety of such procedures. Professionals have made great use of social media to spread awareness on this topic. Some have busted myths, while others have revealed adverse side effects.

Doctors usually clear most of your doubts regarding these injections during consultation. However, you should still conduct your research to make an informed decision. Ensure you get all answers and make a logical choice before committing to getting the procedure. We have prepared a list of silicone injections’ benefits and side effects to help you pick a side.

What Are Silicone Injections?

We must know what these injections are before we get into a debate about their safety.

Silicone is a permanent synthetic liquid whose main chain consists of polysiloxane. It does not get dissolved or absorbed in the body once injected. This quality makes it a perfect injectable substance to change the shape of body parts like lips, nose, under-eyes, and wrinkles.

FDA approves this substance only for use in ophthalmology. But its use has become highly prevalent in the cosmetic industry.

A typical treatment requires around 0.5cc per area of biopolymers injections. It is never used in large quantities. Usually, it takes a few sessions over the month for the complete results.

Side Effects of Silicone Injections

  1. It Migrates 

How the liquid silicone behaves differs between people. It is easy for the liquid to travel to other parts of the body since it does not get absorbed. Spreading into different places can cause bumps and visible irregularities in the treated area.

Migration of the liquid can also lead to more severe consequences. When injected into areas with more blood vessels, it can move around, blocking them. The results can be as extreme as strokes and damaged tissues. Silicone injections are also known to cause pain, inflammation, and scarring. All these effects can be long-term depending on how bad the situation is. 

  1. It Is Permanent

Once injected into the body, it is difficult to remove such biopolymer liquids. As mentioned, they migrate from the area injected in, so it is almost impossible to extract them from the body. The procedures may be time-consuming and expensive. An experienced professional might be able to perform non-invasive procedures to cause as less scarring as possible. These include a laser treatment. 

However, there are instances when open surgery is necessary. This way of removal might lead to scarring and nerve damage. An alternative to silicone injections is derma filler. These are not permanent. This quality makes them a much safer option for people who are not sure to commit to a change. It takes three to eighteen months for derma fillers to dissolve. 

  1. It Can Cause Infections

Infections can happen whenever your skin meets a needle. They occur due to the violation of the protective skin barrier. You can see its signs immediately or even after a few weeks. These include redness, swelling, pain, and lumps. 

The permanent presence of a foreign material also leads to inflammation and infections. Your body does not accept the substance and begins to fight for its removal. The result is severe reactions since your body does not know how to deal with the material. Removing them is a wise decision before they spread to other organs and cause more damage.

  1. It Might Not Give The Results You Want

There is no guarantee you will end up looking like you imagined. It is imperative to understand that injections cannot replace cosmetic surgery. You might get a perfect instant result. But silicone can move around and destroy the aesthetics. It can also lead to granuloma lumps. So, how you look right after the appointment is not permanent. Do not be disappointed once the procedure has had time to rest.

Do not worry if you have become a victim of any of these reactions. There are both surgical and nonsurgical treatments available. Consult a well-known professional to ensure the safest way of removal for yourself. 

Are You The Best Candidate For Removal? 

 A few symptoms and signs make you a good candidate for the removal of biopolymer injections. These include: 

  • Inflammation: swelling in the area can indicate infection. 
  • Hardening 
  • Scarring
  • Pain: it can last for a long time leading to discomfort. 

Ways of Removing Biopolymers Injections:

  1. Liposuction 

It is a nonsurgical way to remove silicone from your body. However, it is only recommended for areas with a large accumulation of the substance. There is a risk of silicone spreading through this procedure. Hence, many professionals still opt for surgical removal.  

  1. Cool laser biopolymer removal  

This procedure includes emitting cool laser light on the affected area of the body. Doing this will liquify the substances injected previously. Then, these can easily be vacuumed away for removal.  

  1. Surgery 

This procedure is the most effective for the removal of silicone. However, it causes scarring and needs long and elaborate treatments. Also, it can be more expensive than the other methods.  

It is safe to say that silicone and other biopolymer injections should be your last option for a change. They are not approved by the FDA and come with several warnings. Look for other options for cosmetic change to ensure good results and better safety. Consult your doctor to see if dermal filler or surgery is better for your situation. Moreover, go into the cosmetic procedure with a mindset that the results might not be perfect. It might not be the most comforting, but it will save you from disappointment if anything goes wrong. This does not mean you should expect the worse. Choose the best professional in the industry and follow all safety tips to ensure you get the best results.

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