Say It with Flowers – The Meaning Behind Popular Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a traditional part of wedding celebrations, from the simple buttonhole to the bride’s bouquet and table centrepieces to floral backdrops. Many couples looking for a wedding florist in Bath choose to incorporate flowers that have personal meaning, such as a flower that was a favourite of a loved one who can’t be there on their special day, but did you know that flowers have a language all of their own? Here are five popular wedding flowers and what they traditionally symbolise.


Any Bath wedding florist will tell you roses are still the most popular choice for wedding flowers. Available in a range of shades to suit all colour schemes, these romantic flowers have a variety of meanings depending on their colour. Red roses are synonymous with love and romance, pink with admiration and joy, white with purity, and yellow with happiness. Timeless on their own or in a mixed bouquet, there are few who can deny the appeal of this beautiful flower.


Peonies are known for symbolising traits of a happy marriage such as prosperity, honour, and compassion, which is why they continue to be desirable for brides. Any wedding florist will have experience in working these popular flowers into bouquets and arrangements and their blousy blooms ooze romance and sophistication.


Sunflowers might be thought of as belonging in a garden rather than a Bath luxury wedding florist such as, but with their cheery pop of colour they are an increasingly popular choice for couples looking to bring sunshine to their wedding day. These long-lasting blooms symbolise long life and the strength of their stalk represents loyalty and strength, attributes that any couple would wish for throughout their marriage.


With their bright colours, it is perhaps no surprise that gerbera daisies symbolise happiness and joy, making them an ideal choice for any wedding. Available in a range of shades from near-neons to autumn hues, anyone looking for Bath luxury wedding flowers should consider including these beautiful flowers in their floral arrangements. An excellent choice for anyone looking to bring a modern twist to their special day.


In the UK, lilies have traditionally been linked with funerals and as such are not always the first thought when arranging wedding bouquets. For a luxury wedding florist Bath, the simplicity of a single lily or a bouquet incorporating these fragrant blooms is still popular with brides and, when looking at the meaning of lilies in cultures across the globe it is easy to see why. Chinese culture ties lilies to love and luck while historically, lilies have also been linked with fertility, so can be an ideal choice for a couple planning to start a family soon after tying the knot.

Whichever flowers you choose to incorporate into your wedding day, be sure they bring you joy. Flowers are sensory and preferences are very personal. Choose blooms that have a look and fragrance you love as they will forever remind you of your special day.

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