5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Cracked Windshield Repaired

While your vehicle’s windshield is made to be very tough and durable so that it can withstand almost anything that comes its way, this does not mean that at some point it won’t get cracked. When it does, you will want to get it repaired right away. As for why, here are five of the most important reasons.

Blocks Your Vision

If the cracks in your windshield are on the driver’s side of your vehicle, this means they will likely block your vision as you are driving. Contrary to what you may think, even a few small cracks in your windshield can make it difficult for you to see well as you drive, increasing the chances you may have an accident.

It’s Required by Law

In many states, it is illegal to drive a vehicle that has a cracked windshield, especially if the cracks are on the driver’s side. Should you decide to take your chances and not get your windshield repaired, you may be pulled over by police and issued a ticket, meaning you’ll be paying a hefty fine for that cracked windshield.

Your Windshield May Shatter

When you drive your vehicle, even at slower speeds, your windshield can still be subjected to a great amount of force. Over the course of time, those cracks in your windshield will get more and more fragile, meaning that at some point the glass may shatter. If this happens, you and anyone else in your vehicle could be seriously injured.

Insurance Covers the Repair Costs

When you have a cracked windshield, chances are your car insurance will cover at least part or the entire cost of mobile windshield replacement. This is true of virtually all types of car insurance, so don’t make the mistake of assuming repair costs will come out of your own pocket.

Protects the Vehicle Frame

Unbeknownst to most drivers, your car’s windshield is made so that it offers substantial protection to your car’s frame. Should you be involved in an accident and walk away with few if any injuries, you can thank your car’s windshield for providing you with much-needed protection. As vehicle manufacturing has improved over the years, engineers have learned how to not only make windshields more resistant to breaking, but also how to position them within a car’s frame so that they offer additional stability in the event of a crash.

Now that you know so many reasons why you should get your cracked windshield repaired, stop driving around and putting you, passengers, and other drivers at risk of serious injury. Instead, get the windshield repaired and let your insurer foot the bill.

About the author:

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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