The Best Low Budget DIY Backyard Wedding Decorations That Look Like a Million Bucks

Weddings are no doubt very expensive affairs. And if you are on a tight budget, it can be overwhelming to cut costs without compromising your tastes.

However, the merits of a garden wedding can save you a little money while getting to enjoy your special day even more. You can transform your yard into a beautiful space that’s great for celebrating.

With just a little bit of planning and creativity, you can pull off this wedding with ease and style. Here are some low-budget DIY backyard wedding decorations that will surely impress your guests.

Let’s get into it!

Install a Backdrop of White and Ivory Curtains

Having cheap wedding decor doesn’t mean you can’t have a luxurious looking one! Installing a backdrop of white and ivory curtains is one of the best DIY wedding decorations out there.

Not only will they make your setting look more inviting, but they can also provide a beautiful canvas for your special day. Just be sure to choose white or ivory curtains that are sheer enough to still let a lot of natural light come through!

The result is a lavish and opulent backdrop that makes your garden wedding look like it’s a million bucks!

Repurpose Bottles to Create Unique Centerpieces

Repurposing bottles can be an incredibly budget-friendly way to craft a beautiful setting for a special day. Bottles can be used to make unique centerpieces such as:

  • Lining the aisle
  • Placing the bottles on round mirrors
  • Cups of sand
  • Flowers

Also, instead of using expensive fresh floral arrangements, opt for wildflowers or dried flowers inside the bottles to save on costs. You can also add jute twine, sea shells, and other small beachy items to give them an extra beachy feel.

For a romantic look, consider adorning the bottles with fairy lights and battery-powered candles. Lastly, surround the bottles with votives, lanterns, and mason jars filled with floating candles in water, which will add atmosphere and whimsy to the decor.

Incorporate Twinkling Lights to Add an Intimate Ambiance

Adding twinkling lights throughout your backyard creates a cozy and intimate ambiance that your guests will love. Start by stringing lights between trees, down garden arbors, and around the dancing area for a sparkly vibe.

You can even rent a generator and place colored beams toward the sky along with spotlighting for a truly remarkable look. Whatever your style is, these lights will complete your backyard wedding decor and add a romantic feel.

Decorate Aisle Ways With Colorful Paper Lanterns

Bright and colorful lanterns create a warm and inviting atmosphere with minimal effort. When draped along the aisleway, they are the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

They also provide a beautiful soft light that illuminates the aisle and highlights the event. You can also mix in some other paper decorations, such as ribbons and flowers, for a truly enchanting effect. 

Best of all, the versatility of paper lanterns means you can use them in a variety of creative ways and get the most bang for your buck.

Crafting Low Budget DIY Backyard Wedding Decorations

From repurposed pallets to do-it-yourself wine barrel bars, there is no shortage of decorations for a backyard wedding. Following these tips will help you create a one-of-a-kind outdoor event that is truly yours!

So what are you waiting for? Get creative with these low budget DIY backyard wedding decorations today for an unforgettable event.

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