Piling On The Pounds? Check Out My Top Tips To Help You Stay In Shape!

Many people (myself included) struggle at some stage to avoid food temptations. We usually indulge ourselves in eating things we shouldn’t on some occasions. As a result, we can end up piling on the pounds! We often do that when we’re feeling down, or even in the mood for celebration!


If you’re otherwise fit and healthy, the occasional junk food snack might not seem like a big deal. But it is when those occasions turn into regular occurrences that the problems begin. In today’s blog post, I will share some tips on how you can stay in shape.


Count your calories

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a healthy weight and want to maintain it, or you wish to lose some extra pounds. It’s important that you count the number of calories you consume each day. Those magic numbers will determine what you should and shouldn’t eat each day.

Sticking to your individual calorie limit every day will ensure that you stay fit and healthy. After all, you’ve worked so hard to keep your weight down. It would be such a shame if you piled it all back on again!
Don’t eat massive meals

The problem with eating huge plates of food each day is that you’re more likely to snack on food between each meal. That’s why it makes more sense to “graze” and eat lots of small healthy meals and snacks.

Following that approach means you won’t feel hungry and are more likely to burn off your calories.

Set up an exercise regime

Losing weight through a calorie-controlled diet is only part of the success story. The other part involves doing some regular exercise. For some people, that means going to the gym each day after work. And, for others, it could be something as simple as walking the dog twice a day.

Whatever you do, make sure you plan your exercise activities and stick to them. The only reason you should not exercise is when you’re ill! Also, it goes without saying that you need the right clothes to wear during your exercises. For example, you should wear workout leggings instead of a pair of jeans.

Consider having a vegetable-forward diet

To some people, the idea of becoming a vegetarian is almost laughable. After all, if you love eating meat, poultry and fish, why would you give it up? Well, vegetarians tend to lead healthier lifestyles and seldom overeat.

But, why not have the best of both worlds? A vegetable-forward diet is simple. With each meal you make, fruit and vegetables are the main focus for each dish. Meat, poultry and fish are just sides! It’s an interesting way to diet. But, it means that you don’t have to give up eating the foods you love.

Have a diet friend

If you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight, a friend that’s doing the same can help you. And you can also help them with their cause too.

You can share stories about your diet milestones and achievements. Another positive point is that you are more likely to stick to your diet.

Good luck!

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