Incredible Hen Party Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re planning a hen party, you might be struggling with ideas. There are plenty of choices, but picking one to suit everybody is always tricky. Inspiration can be hard to find, but fortunately, we have got lots of incredible hen party ideas you’ll love.

Start your event a little earlier in the day, especially if it’s on the weekend. This gives you the chance to indulge in a little luxury and pampering before the party really gets going! Book the girls into a spa and enjoy a facial, a massage, or a Jacuzzi to help you relax. Getting into the mood is what it is all about.


You’ll all be quite peckish by lunchtime, so it’s time to find a good cafe or restaurant. This can be the perfect place to toast the bride-to-be, and make some emotional farewells to single life. Why not collect lots of photos from all the girls? You can then collate them on a board and turn it into quite the occasion. Embarrassing bits and nostalgia are the orders of the day.



After lunch, it’s time to have some fun. Pick something none of you have done before. The more daring and extraordinary the better. Skydiving or jet skiing may be a little beyond the temperament of some of the girls. Instead, why not pick an experience gift to share with everyone, like driving a sports car, or riding a hot air balloon?


After all the action, it’s time to head to the hotel where you’re all staying. Alternatively, why not choose a private villa so you can all be closer together? You can get changed and get ready for the exciting evening ahead. You might all be in costume, or you might follow a color theme so you can all be seen as part of the party group. There are lots of great hen night accessories you can choose from to make the evening lots of fun.


Book a party bus rental to drive you around the city. You might all be sitting down to a meal in a swanky restaurant, or heading straight to the nearest bar. Private hire vehicles with a chauffeur are ideal for a night when you might all be drinking. And if you’re in a strange city, it’s much easier to find the places you want to visit with a local driver!


Dancing the night away and enjoying a little light-hearted entertainment is what hen nights are all about. You might head to a club, or prefer a quieter evening in the VIP lounge. Make sure you’ve got someone in the party that can stay responsible all evening and help all of you get back to the party bus. Then head back to the hotel and prepare for the morning after!


Hen parties should be fun, exciting, silly, and heartwarming. It’s your last chance as a single woman to make the most of hanging out with all the girls. After all, you’ll soon be married. Grown up and responsible? Until the next hen party you attend!

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