DIY Desk Transformations from Pinterest

I just got an old desk from my sister and I am in the search of ways to transform it so that it fits somewhere in the house. My main problem is that there’s no available space to put it, but I’m in the mood of creating something. So, I’ll do something with it even if I have to place it in the elevator!

Pinterest is a great source of DIY ideas and, although I still haven’t found what I should do with my pink desk, I thought these images may inspire somebody else.


You took a divorce, but your ex has left his piano behind? If you don’t have time to take up piano lessons, transform his piano to something useful for you.


Imagination is all you need to create new little decor details. Low budget is not always a problem.


What a great idea to have a working space which you can hide.


Like a Carrie Bradshaw, make a desk next to the window.


I wish I had a spare wall to put everything on.


A little rustic style.


If you are done with babies, you don’t need to throw their crib away.


You can take advantage of any unused corner in your house.


Keep everything organised!


I have thought of transforming a part of my closet into a desk/vanity table, but I’ll have to find somewhere to put my clothes.


Nice use of old ladders!


Hercule Poirot is who I thought of when I saw this table.


Are you shipwrecked on a desert island? Your boat has what you need to build a table and start writing a diary of your adventures!


Nice desk to take with you on your trips.


Oh yes, I need a closet desk! Who needs so many clothes anyway?


And something for the garden because nature can be such a great inspiration!


  1. Έλα ρε ‘συυυ!
    Τί ωραία που είναι όλα! Το ένα πιο όμορφο από το άλλο!
    Μέχρι και του κήπου βρήκα ενδιαφέρον! (Οι γάτες μου να δεις πόσο θα το εκτιμούσαν! χαχα!)

    1. Γιατί να μην έχουν και οι γάτες ένα γραφείο;
      Εγώ θέλω γραφείο-ντουλάπα. Θα στριμώξω τα ρούχα να βρω χώρο!
      Έρχεται συνέχεια!
      Πολλά σμουτςςςςςςςςςςςςς!!!

  2. This post came at the right time for me! I am trying to change my home office and when I think I have decided for an idea, then I see others! I have to have it ready soon, your post helped me with new ideas!
    Thanks for that!

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