Aromatherapy Infographic: 10 Ways to Use 13 Essential Oil Recipes to Uplift Your Mood

We all know how difficult it is when stress takes its toll on us and makes us act like freaks. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just breathe out, breathe in, and the stress is gone?  Here come the amazing essential oils to our emotional and mental rescue. Aromatherapy has long been known to influence, change, and restore our emotional balance.


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the volatile oils extracted from the leaves, flowers, bark, seeds, and fruits of certain plants. They spread and then evaporate quickly in the air. Usually, they are inhaled through the nose, but they are also ingested for therapeutic purposes.


How can they do that?

The tiny molecules of essential oils carry with them all the healing properties of the specific plant from which they were extracted. Whether it is lavender oil, which has calming, soothing, balancing properties for your emotions and mind, or orange oil, which has uplifting, focusing, joy-bringing properties, all essential oils will affect your mind and emotions in a specific way, corresponding to the properties of the respective herb.

Each molecule of essential oil goes through our nose and stimulates the smell cells, which send a message to a specific part of the brain connected with emotions and memory. Your brain is like a computer, and the essential oils send a specific command to it through the sense of smell. It’s like hitting a button: the “Calm” button, the “Joy” button, “Focus” button, and so on.

For each emotion, reaction, and process in your body, there is a “button” in your brain that is very sensitive to a specific essential oil. When the tiny molecule of oil “sits” on such a “button” a certain message is “wired” to your brain and it “executes” the command. And you immediately sense the effect: calm, joy, or focus.

Pretty awesome these essential oil molecules, right? Invisible, weightless, swift, yet so powerful. And also perfumed!


Fun, Effective, and Healthy Ways to Use Essential Oils

You can inhale essential oils from a diffuser or a jewelry that you carry all day long (necklace, pendant, bracelet imbibed with essential oil).

Rub or massage it (diluted with a carrier oil) on your neck, back of your neck, temples, forehead, belly, back, shoulders, feet, etc.

Spray it in the room or in your car.

Add it in your Epson Salt bath to help you relax.


This infographic contains much valuable information about essential oils, how to apply them, and includes several aromatherapy recipes you can use at home, at work, basically everywhere around you. Even during a conference or staff meeting. It will be a harmonious, peaceful, fun, and productive day. Enjoy!


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