8 Things to Consider before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

According to psychologists, one of the reasons why people go under the knife is to improve their self-esteem. Before undergoing plastic surgery, here are eight important things to consider.

  1. Do your homework, and consult with a number of plastic surgeons before you decide. 
  2. If a doctor tells you something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unless they can show you multiple photos proving their claim, it likely isn’t true.
  3. Choose a doctor where you like their photos. Plastic surgeons have their own “aesthetic” and you will likely get that style of result. If it isn’t something you’d prefer then see another doctor.
  4. Plastic surgeons are also hand surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, craniofacial surgeons as well as cosmetic surgeons.  Make sure to find a plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic surgery if this is what you are having, and vice versa. 
  5. Plastic Surgery or medicine in general, is not an area where you want the cheapest option. There are real costs associated with proper medical care in the United States. If things are significantly less expensive, there is likely a reason and you don’t want your medical care to be less than excellent.
  6. Make sure your doctor has hospital privileges. Hospitals are more discerning about who they admit to their staff and this will help you know if your doctor has the proper credentials to practice. Some doctors only operate under local anesthesia in their office – frequently this is because they cannot get privileges to operate at a certified facility due to their history or are of training. 
  7. In most states, ANYONE who is licensed to perform ANY surgical procedures can legally perform cosmetic surgery – as long as they went to a weekend course, pay a fee and have a couple procedures supervised. Board Certified plastic surgeons rigorously train for 6 years to learn the intricacies of these procedures, detailed anatomy, the proper finesse, and the management of any complications. 
  8. Not all Board Certifications are equal. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is a board not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), but was formed to give those physicians not eligible for plastic surgery to claim to be “board certified.” Their name was designed to be purposely confusing to the public as the requirements and prerequisite training are far less stringent than those of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Do your homework before you decide to have a procedure. 

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