How to Find Winter Fitness Motivation

Cold weather, rainy or snowy days, shorter days, Thanksgiving and Christmas food, lack of fitness motivation. Is there another way to describe winter? It’s a fact that, during winter, our will and motivation for training (and actually doing anything else for that matter) is non-existent, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If we want to look perfect for the next summer, stay healthy 12 months a year, and perhaps be able to eat all the Xmas cakes without letting it be seen on our bodies, it’s important to always have that motivation to work out. Here are a couple of simple tips on how to stop being a couch potato these three winter months, and get some working out done:

Shower the moment you get up

Nothing can wake up better than a nice, cold shower. So, if you have time in the morning for working out, this is the thing that should first every morning. Once you get up from bed, before even making yourself your first cup of coffee, hit the bathroom. Take up to five minutes to get a quick, coldish shower in order to wake up. The water will help you in achieving this, and once you get out, immediately dress in your workout clothes. Doing this, your motivation for exercising will definitely be there.

Find a workout buddy


It’s always better to have a partner in crime, in any scenario. Since you’re probably not the only one who is in desperate need of fitness motivation, a great idea would be to take a gym buddy and start training together during these cold months. When you know that someone is waiting for you to share this horrible experience of exercising during winter, it will most certainly help you get out of bed and hit the gym. Moreover, both of you could be instructors, teachers and motivators to each other, which will raise your spirits for the day. Exercising, chatting, gossiping – they could all go together.

Make a killer playlist


It’s time to leave those slow, winter, sweater-weather songs for the nights, or when you’re home alone doing nothing. When exercising is concerned, try to choose some of the best upbeat songs that you like, mix them together and you got yourself a nice workout playlist. If you include motivational songs, even better. A good workout playlist consists of very upbeat songs that you love so much that will get you moving. So, once you hear a song on the radio that makes you dance in your house – put that song on the playlist.

Buy quality equipment


Yes, we all love shopping, but we also hate when we buy something and never wear it because we realized we had made a mistake. So, if you go and buy yourself nice good-quality sports equipment, you’ll definitely motivate yourself to actually start exercising. Invest a bit into, for example, high-quality New Balance shoes, as they are not only excellent for exercising, but they can serve as a motivation as well. Do so with the t-shirts and shorts as well, and you will know that you have to hit the gym. Otherwise, it would have been money thrown down the drain, and we most certainly don’t want that.

Reward yourself

Giving yourself small rewards from time to time is an excellent motivational technique in all the aspects of life. If you promise yourself that every 7-day streak at the gym (or any other place you’re exercising at) will result in buying yourself something nice, or traveling to a certain place, you’ll most probably feel motivated to exercise. However, it’s very important that you stay true to yourself and not reward yourself if you don’t meet your goals. Don’t cheat!

To sum up, finding motivation during winter days doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you take the small things that make you happy and combine them together for the “greater good”, success is inevitable. Good luck!

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