Why Bananas are the rockstar fruit for your health and beauty

Bananas are unique, both in the animal kingdom and in modern society. Its weird design has seen itself set apart from the hundreds of fruits out there, as if daring to defy the laws of nature itself! Despite this, bananas are one of the most adored fruits to have in one’s kitchen, and basically serve as the perfect delicacy to make any ice-cream sundae muy caliente!

That being said, the health benefits of bananas for one’s skin and beauty cannot be downplayed. So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why a banana a day will keep that body and skin looking like that of a 20 year old!

Say hello to gorgeous hair

Most beauty aficionados know that using bananas does wonders for the hair, especially if one is not so keen on having a bunch of chemicals rubbed on their glorious growth from hair products found on store shelves.

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In fact, bananas come naturally stacked with plenty of nutrients that one’s hair requires to be healthy such as folate and B-vitamins. All one needs to do is whip up this great banana hair formula consisting of milk and honey and they’re good to go! The plus side? Gulp it down if there’s some excess left.

Make that skin glow

Thought bananas were just done with the hair alone? No way! If there are some bananas left over, simply take one up, mash it up, and apply it to the face. Then take a chill pill for about 15 minutes as the exotic fruit does wonders on the skin before gently washing it off with cool water.

In fact, bananas are natural skin lighters. Yep that’s right; they contain Vitamin E that offers protection against free radicals, as well as Vitamin A that eliminates discoloration. So if having the perfect skin is a goal, then bananas are one essential route to take!

That being said, for more essential hacks for getting healthier skin, have a look at Healthy Skin Solutions.

Let that anxiety poof and disappear

One of the most natural ways of lowering blood pressure is by munching on some bananas. Why is this the case? Well bananas are high in potassium, which has known to significantly lower blood pressure. Potassium also helps minimize stress levels, thanks to its effective regulations of stress hormones such as cortisol. Hmm, so that sums it up. Bananas are probably the best snack before a major press-conference merger!

Shed those pounds quicker

If that stubborn belly fat just won’t go away, then perhaps one should consider substituting those high-calorie snacks with something just as satiating. A banana. In fact, one medium-sized banana only has a paltry 105 calories. Plus let’s not forget the fact that bananas come packed with chromium; which is great for boosting weight loss!

A natural way to cure that migraine and lighten the mood!

Terrible headache? Well, that doesn’t mean that one always has to go to the medicine cabinet and grab some aspirin. Perhaps another great cure is right in front of them all along and they didn’t even notice!

Folks, that’s the magic of the banana; and the secret is all behind the fact that bananas carry a good chunk of magnesium. So the next time someone complains of a headache, point them to the nearest fruit vendor or grocery store!


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    Πολυ ενδιαφέρουσα αναρτηση και πληροφορίες σχετικά με τις μπανάνες!
    Πολλα φιλακια!!

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