Eat Pray Love in Hong Kong

If you’ve been planning to visit Hong Kong (香港), you’re in for a real treat. This huge metropolis is a lively place with plenty of opportunities to have fun, and it’s densely-packed with people who are all eager and full of life. If you enjoy the energy of big crowds and being in a place that’s never still, you’re going to love it here. Now, if you’ve read the famous book called Eat, Pray, Love (or seen the movie with Julia Roberts!), then you know that there are a few essential parts to any good trip. Come with us as we take you through Hong Kong and show you all its wonders that will make you fall in love with it. Here’s our little guide, so enjoy!


If we’re being honest, we’re all foodies at heart. Trying interesting and novel cuisine is one of the best parts of traveling away somewhere, and Hong Kong certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to delicious food. You can get something to eat at pretty much any time, regardless of whether it’s night or day. Since everything is so diverse, you can enjoy traditional Cantonese dishes such as fried rice but also spicy street food such as Shanghai-style pork chop noodles and even a blend of European cuisine in the form of Hong Kong French toast.

If you’re wondering which restaurant to go to first, you can pick Lin Heung Teahouse (蓮香樓) because it offers an authentic experience. It’s always crowded and very popular, and it’s one of the essential parts of Hong Kong culture. If you want something a little fancier, head over to Yat Lok (一樂燒鵝) and try their roast goose, and if you’re in the mood for street food and a lot of spicy, greasy goodness, go to Chan Kun Kee (陳根記). It takes a while to get used to Chinese food if you’ve never tried it before, but if you’re a fan of dim sum and similar meals, then you’re bound to love it.


Even if you aren’t particularly religious, experiencing Hong Kong’s spirituality is still an unforgettable experience. Despite the modern grandeur of the city, it’s full of quiet little places and popular big temples that inspire a sense of awe, and the first one you should visit is the Chi Lin Nunnery (志蓮淨苑). Built as a retreat for Buddhist nuns, it presents the architecture of Tang dynasty and it’s full of gardens, lotus ponds, and temple halls. The next on the list should definitely be the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (萬佛寺), one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. Strangely enough, this isn’t a monastery at all as no monks reside in it, but it’s managed by volunteers and it remains one of the most interesting places you can see. Besides this, you should also experience the joy of Wong Tai Sin Temple (黃大仙祠) and Po Lin Monastery (莲禅寺).


There’s quite a lot to love in Hong Kong, from beautiful accommodations to exuberant locals who are always eager to meet a foreigner. If you want to find a good place to stay, you can always check out big Hong Kong hotel discounts (香港酒店優惠) and you’re bound to find something totally affordable and lovely. Once you drop off your things, you can move on and explore the rest of this exciting city. Learn to love it by looking at it through the Hong Kong Observatory, and enjoy the vertical jungle of skyscrapers who all have multifunctional uses. The city is always warm and humid, so you never have to worry about cold weather ruining your fun, and you can focus on things like fireworks, shopping extravaganzas that the locals love to partake in, and the sheer, mad bustle of so much vibrancy and liveliness in one single spot. Walk the streets slowly, meet new people, and if you’re in the mood to find the love of your life, keep your heart open and maybe the one will walk right by!

Delicious food, spirituality, and happiness—you can find anything in Hong Kong as long as you know where to look, so explore this lovely city at your leisure and enjoy this big adventure.

About the author:

Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing following her on twitter and facebook. She is also one of the editors at Higstylife Magazine.

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