Exploring Singapore: A Bucket-list Destination You shouldn’t Miss

If there was ever an exotic destination every avid traveler should visit at least once in a lifetime, then it would be Singapore. This is one of those countries that has something amazing to offer to every type of a traveler, whether you’re bringing the entire family or if you’re looking to experience the local way of life as a solo explorer of faraway lands.

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Once reserved for the wealthiest of visitors, Singapore is nowadays a thriving multicultural setting that welcomes travelers from all walks of life, offering unparalleled luxury to those who seek it as well as down-to-earth experiences for any budget. With that in mind, let’s dive into this expansive metropolis to unravel the mesmerizing beauty within.

Taste the delicious street food

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If you’re a foodie traveler, and you should be, then Singapore is the place for you. You might be enticed to seek out the renowned restaurants and check out Google reviews for all the famous eateries in town, but doing so will distract you from the true foodie havens where you could find the best grub on the market. We’re talking, of course, about Singapore’s thriving street food scene, and the Hawker centers where the local population spends their days.

These spots are the perfect places to try traditional Singaporean fare at an affordable price, and most importantly, experience the true tastes of the local cuisine. You can find these Hawker eateries at the Amoy Street Food Center, Chinatown’s Food Street, and the Maxwell Food Center. Whilst there, be sure to sample some chicken rice, char kway teow (stir-fried noodles), and bak chor mee (noodles with minced meat).

Experience the luxury only Singapore can provide

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At its core, Singapore is still a pretty luxurious place. But that doesn’t mean that this luxury is reserved for the affluent and the overly successful of travelers. You can definitely experience the luxurious side of the metropolis yourself by searching for hotel specials online and booking your trip well in advance of the tourist season. Be sure to look for deals and discounts in the popular shopping centers as well in order to snag those luxury items without busting the bank.

Don’t forget to plan your visit to the exclusive nightclubs as well, making sure to buy your ticket before your trip. And remember, there is always a way to experience the luxurious side of Singapore no matter how tight your budget might be!

Take a stroll through the enthralling Botanic Gardens

Rarely will you find a bustling metropolis that enjoys such a perfect symbiosis of concrete and nature. This mesmerizing dance of seemingly opposing forces was born out of necessity at first, as Singapore used to have a very real problem with air pollution. In recent years though, great strides have been made to cleanse the local air by introducing and scattering large amounts of greenery throughout the city. However, the true natural gem you need to visit is the Botanic Gardens.

Founded in 1859, the Botanic Gardens is the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, and a cultural and historic landmark of epic proportions. Boasting more than 183 acres of breathtaking natural scenery, tranquil lakes, and romantic pathways, the Botanic Gardens is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the bit city and soak in serenity of your surroundings. You can also make use of the many running tracks here in order to stay fit during your travels!

Lose yourself in the Gardens by the Bay

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Situated in the bustling Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay is another popular attraction that perfectly blends the tranquil feel of mother nature with sights and sounds of a thriving metropolis. An urban jungle in its own right, this network of waterfront parks and modern greenhouses offer a ton of variety and plenty of interesting activities for the entire family.

By far the most iconic attractions are the towering “super trees” that crown the center of this expansive park. Be sure to walk the skyway route that connects the trees for some panoramic views of the gardens and the surrounding cityscape.

Parting words

Singapore is a unique multicultural setting that never fails to bewilder and mesmerize every first-time visitor. Such an expansive city definitely deserves a lengthy stay in order for you to experience everything it has to offer, so make sure to follow this guide if you are to organize a Singaporean adventure of a lifetime.

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