5 Fashion Brands That are Being Sustainably Sourced

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting, but there’s one that’s definitely worth the effort—eco-friendly fashion. Sustainably sourced materials and practices are taking over the industry as brands become more aware of the impact fast fashion has had on the environment and their customers’ dedication to making conscientious shopping choices. If you want to look good and feel good about it, start investing in sustainably sourced fashion. From where you can get a classic white tee to the perfect fitting jeans, here are a few of the top brands we recommend turning to:   

  • Rothy’s

While some recycled shoes leave a lot to be desired as far as design goes, that’s not the case with Rothy’s. While they put eco-friendliness first, style and comfort aren’t far behind. From their popular women’s Chelsea boot to cute flats, you’re sure to find your new go-to shoe. Plus, you can easily wash your shoes in cold water without worrying about damaging them because each pair is made to last. 

Rothy’s shoes are made from sustainably sourced materials like thread repurposed from plastic water bottles and bio-based algae. They also follow the highest production standards and are able to reduce their waste by shipping your shoes in their box. With each pair of Rothy’s, you can walk the walk, and talk the talk when it comes to an eco-friendly wardrobe.

  • Pact

Like their name implies, Pact has made a commitment to the environment, using organic cotton and elastane to make a broad range of products, from clothing to bedding and bath. Organic cotton is better for the environment because it uses 95% less water in the wash phase and does not require the use of harmful pesticides. And, they’re Global Organic Textile Certified (GOTS) and Fair Trade Certified, meaning they follow the highest standards. And, did we mention that their clothing is exceptionally soft? 

Whatever your style, you’ll find a variety of fashionable options to fill out your wardrobe including organic cotton sweaters, leggings, dresses, pajamas, and even underwear. 

  • H&M 

While not all of H&M’s clothing is necessary eco-friendly, they do have a special line dedicated to sustainable fashion called H&M CONSCIOUS. The items in this collection use materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester to reduce their environment impact. By shopping this line, you’ll be able to work the sleek yet eye-catching styles the brand is known for into your wardrobe with a clean conscience. 

With hundreds of pieces, the CONSCIOUS includes the basics like tank tops, sweaters, and tees as well as trendy styles like puffer jackets, going out dresses, and plaid shirts. 

  • Eileen Fisher



For a luxury take on sustainable fashion, Eileen Fisher has you covered. The brand is focused on “ethical, timeless clothes” even has several programs focused on reducing waste, such as their Renew program where you can bring in your old clothes and they’ll figure out a either rehome them or use them to create a new piece. And, the brand has made sustainable fashion available to every shape in size with petite and plus sizes in addition to traditional sizing. From organic cotton jersey athleisure to responsible wool dresses and cardigans, you can achieve a sustainably sourced and sophisticated wardrobe with ease. 

  • Levi’s 

This list wouldn’t be complete without including this beloved denim brand. Yes, you can still complete your outfit with your favorite pair of jeans because Levi’s uses recycled fabrics and sustainable materials, like responsibly sourced cotton and lyocell, to create jeans that are still the quality you love, just without the waste. Levi’s is dedicated to making sustainable clothing shopping easy for their customers with a wide variety of styles to achieve your desired look. Whether it’s the classic 711’s or one of the latest trends, you can rely on your Levi’s to last. 

Sustainable fashion does have a reputation for being more expensive, but as you can see, there are options for all budgets. Plus, having an eco-friendly wardrobe means you can feel good about the clothes you’re buying, without sacrificing your personal style. These brands are a good place to start but there are so many more out there that can help you fill out your wardrobe for every season. Now go out there and start making a difference while looking your best! 

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