Your Best Accessory: Methods for Keeping Your Smile White

When people meet us, one of the first things they notice is our smiles. If your smile is not as white and presentable as you’d like, what are some options to take it to the next level? Let’s take a look at some of the methods available.


Preventing Stains

You can prevent staining before it starts. Some staining is inevitable with aging, but you can still prevent worsening. Some methods of stain prevention include: avoiding smoking, drinking brightly or dark colored drinks such as wine, colas, and sports drinks through a straw, if possible. When these types of drinks are consumed, it’s good if you can brush soon after, or at least use some milk in coffees and teas to neutralize the negative effects they may have on the teeth. Avoid grinding your teeth to avoid breakage and damage to the outer layer of the teeth. Besides cosmetic issues, loss of the topmost layer can lead to needing dental intervention. On a similar note, whitening toothpastes can give a boost to the color of teeth, but due to their abrasiveness must be used with caution to avoid loss of enamel. Calcium deficiency can cause issues with the enamel as well.


Teeth Whitening Options

If stains are on the outer layers of the teeth, they can be treated at home or professionally with various methods. Some things people do at home include: baking soda/peroxide, bleaching kits,and whitening strips. These methods have pros and cons. Baking soda and peroxide can be extremely abrasive to teeth and wear the enamel down over time. Bleaching kits and whitening strips can cause tooth pain and sensitivity. Peroxide and bleaching can be effective, but there are many variables, such as the strength of the concentration and depth and type of staining. Professional bleaching is likely to have higher concentrations and presumably be more effective. It’s been shown that the newer treatments using bright light are minimally effective compared to peroxides and bleaches. One more permanent, yet less invasive option people may choose for optimally white teeth is porcelain veneers . They cover teeth, they can give the teeth an attractive white appearance,and can be useful in more severe cases of discoloration.

With many professional and home options,anyone is able to have a whiter smile easily. No matter the budget or stain level, it’s fixable. That’s definitely something to smile about.

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