Make Your Special Day Stress-Free With a Wedding Reception Plan

As beautiful and magical as they are, weddings are stressful events to plan. Ensuring the bride and groom have the best day of their lives seems easy, but the people behind the scenes are working around the clock!

This is especially true when it comes to planning a wedding reception.

Between seating arrangements, food and beverage vendors, finding the right reception hall and so much more, the fun to come after the ceremony takes a great deal of work. That’s where a wedding reception plan comes in!

A wedding reception plan will help you and your spouse have a fantastical night, free of stress and other worries. Keep reading to learn more!

Planning a Wedding Reception – What You Should Consider

When you begin crafting your wedding reception plan, the easiest thing to do is worry. The what-if questions fill your mind without you even anticipating them: what if something is forgotten? What if the seating arrangement fails?

The hardest thing to do is ignore the what-ifs. But if you want a successful, fun-filled wedding reception plan, you have to!

Now, you might not know where to start with your plan. So here’s everything you should consider when putting it together:

Reception Halls

When thinking about your reception, where do you imagine it being held? Is it close by, or part of your wedding venue? 

Reception halls are the core of your after-party, and there is so much to consider when choosing the right one, such as:

  • Enough space for you, your spouse, guests, DJ, photographer, and other people to interact comfortably
  • Provided transportation if it is separate from the ceremony venue
  • Fitting the desired type of reception you want (ensure enough space for a sitdown dinner versus a cocktail party)

Knowing what you want out of your reception makes it tremendously easier when choosing one!

Review Your Seating Arrangement

Deciding on where you’d like certain groups of people can be a little tricky. You have to consider the number of guests, then narrow it down into who knows each other, who doesn’t – then wonder about family… The list goes on!

Make sure that you have everyone exactly where you want them. This detail is much more important than it’s often portrayed as!

For example, if you do have a hired wedding photographer and you have a no cellphone rule for your guests, but you know a certain someone who is bound to disobey that rule, then you can rightfully seat them in the back.

Consider Timing Parts of the Reception

The best part about planning a wedding reception is the power you hold! You get to tailor this gathering after your ceremony to best suit the needs of you and your spouse, as well as your guests.

If you’re someone who appreciates timing and loves planning things down to a T, then consider timing-specific aspects of your reception. 

Timing doesn’t need to be strict or harsh. It simply means thinking about having a one-hour transitional period from the ceremony to the after-party and allowing around 15-20 minutes for your guests to find their seats.

A Wedding Reception Plan Is Worth It

So much more goes into a wedding reception plan than these key elements – but when you allocate time toward planning out every little detail of your reception, it proves to be far beyond worth it.

Think about the kind of reception you want to have, and what kind of hall would be appropriate. Additionally, consider having timed portions of your after-ceremony gathering and review the seating arrangement you’ve created!

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