5 Dishes to Add to Your Weeknight Meal Rotation

Making the same meals every week can turn cooking in the kitchen into an exhausting chore. Spicing up the meal rotation can add some excitement to the day and introduce new foods and styles of cuisine to the family. Here are a few great meal options to try.

Skillet Sausage and Rice

This is a delicious meal with a variety of hearty flavors that can easily feed all the kids with leftovers to spare. This dish combines red and yellow bell peppers, white rice, zesty Italian sausage, and garlic and onion to create a quick meal that fills the stomach. It only takes one pan, saving time spent in front of the sink, and can be paired with a tender cornbread or buttery biscuit.

Moroccan Couscous and Vegetables

Trying new recipes and flavors can bring new cultures and flavor palettes to children of every age. This recipe uses couscous, roasted vegetables, almonds, and chickpeas. This dish is flavorful and has many different textures to entertain and fill even the pickiest eater. When running to the nearby African store for seasonings and supplies, homemakers may also find more inspiration for other exciting meals and desserts.

Fried Rice Vermicelli

This easy dish is a great gateway meal in exploring Asian cuisine and flavors. This recipe can be made with the simplest ingredients, including chicken, bean sprouts, and rice noodles. It can be garnished with scallions and a variety of additions like soy sauce. This dish doesn’t take any time at all and is a healthy alternative to ordering out.

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta is a great meal staple that helps fill up the stomach faster and provides the perfect canvas to add exciting flavor combinations. This dish calls for bacon, eggs, different cheeses, and spices along with spaghetti noodles to create an exciting and well-loved meal. This recipe can be perfectly paired with a small salad or tasty breadsticks.

Butter Chicken

This dish is one of the easiest Indian recipes to master that can introduce reluctant eaters to a whole new world of cuisine. This recipe calls for tender chicken breasts to be marinated in a flavorful yogurt sauce and then fried and combined with a curry. It’s often served with rice and naan bread.

There are many exciting meals to try that can spice up any weeknight with exciting and delicious flavors.

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