5 Fun Wedding Ring Ideas You Might Want To Consider

After getting married to that special someone, it is not just the love that will stick with you. The rings you wear will also be a prominent feature of your love life. Just as you are careful and detailed in selecting your spouse, you should carry the same energy when choosing your engagement ring. Don’t be boring; go for something unique that acknowledges your relationship as special. Below are some ideas to consider.

Colored Stone

From afar, they might look like ordinary rings. But if you pay attention to the details, colored stone rings are unique. If you are willing to explore your creative side, you can draw something that is an impression of you and that special someone. There are many ideas and varieties you can choose from this type of ring. Stones come in many designs, and you have the option to pick what you want so that it is customized for you.

Trinity Rings

As the name suggests, three rings are combined to form a single one. They can be modified with a message, making them even more special. The fantastic thing is that these three rings can be unique from each other. For example, they could be rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Combine that with the message on the ring, and you have one of the most beautiful rings you could have ever imagined.

Name Rings

Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk around with the name of your special someone on your finger? It could be their name or even their family name. While it may be a simple idea, it makes for a beautiful ring. Don’t forget the various fonts and designs to choose from. You can try them out before settling on a final one. Name rings are unique handmade wedding rings you should consider.

NFC Rings

There goes technology with the home run again. With this type, tiny chips are fitted to your ring. They transform your ring into a connecting device, enabling you to link it with your smartphone. The connection can carry out various operations, like making payments, opening doors, and even managing Wi-Fi connections.

Fingerprint Rings

Your spouse is a unique and special human being, just like her fingerprints. Having your loved ones’ fingerprints is an amazing idea, and you will cherish their love anywhere you go with that ring on your finger. How about this cheeky fact; you are the one in a 7 billion who owns that ring!

Conclusively, a wedding is a special occasion, and so should be the rings. These are just some ideas to consider; there are many other ideas to explore. Just be thoughtful and engage your creative side when choosing a ring.

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