How to Spice Up Your Weekly Meals

Cooking at home can be cost-effective, especially in a large household. The choices are healthy, and afterward, the feeling of satisfaction is unmatched. Unfortunately, meal prepping is not something most people look forward to, as it has numerous steps to it. With nutritious, tasty prepared meals at the table, here are ways to spice your meals and make them more enticing.

Roast Vegetables

Ill-prepared vegetables are tasteless and unappealing, making people ignore eating vegetables. Try a new method of roasting vegetables over a grill or oven for a sweet, crunchy taste. Indian food meal delivery services will deliver high-quality vegetables to match the preparation method for high-quality foods.

Include Bold Flavors

Every meal has its traditional and standard method of preparation. Try something new and add bold spices and herbs to make new flavors for better nutritional value. However, start with small ingredients for the testing stage to see if the unique taste is acceptable.

Experiment With New Cuisines

It can get uninteresting to cook the same meals even with different ingredients to spice them up. However, try cooking meals from different cultures and discover the goodness. Research on different cuisines before meal prepping. Limit it to only one of two meals instead of stretching it out the whole week to decide whether it is a worthy dish. When you are still skeptical, opt to deliver the meal in question using Indian food meal delivery services. When you like it, prepare plenty and research others to try for the next week.

Opt for Simple Quick Meals

Cooking too many complex meals will make you burn out and disengage from cooking. Stick to three meal combinations for the week, especially as a beginner. When defrosting the food, make sure it has different complimentary side dishes to make up for the similarity in meals.

Experiment With New Recipes

After cooking the same meals for a few months, there comes a time when the recipe is not necessary when measuring the ingredients to species ratio. Skip the recipes altogether and try experimenting with the ingredients and spices you like the most, decreasing those you don’t fancy. Focus on simple foods like chicken or vegetables before more complex full-course meals. Make sure the process is as enjoyable as possible to look forward to meal prepping the following week.

After completing the weekly meal prep, it is essential to store the foods properly. It will save money and time spent preparing meals. It will also ensure that there is no case of food poisoning because of poor food storage practices. Proper storage also helps retain the flavor and overall quality of the meals.

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