How to Make Your Wedding Reception a Night to Remember

Coming up with creative ways to make your wedding reception a night to remember isn’t the easiest task. Your wedding is all about celebrating the love you have for your new spouse, and the reception allows your guests to celebrate that love with you. So, just how do you make your wedding reception memorable without blowing through your budget? Here are a few ideas that you might want to take into consideration.

Set Up a Lounge Area

A dance floor is essential, but putting a lounge area off to the side provides a comfortable space for guests to unwind. For folks who need to take a load off or who don’t feel like dancing, a lounge is the perfect spot to sit and chat with you and other guests. Put up some cozy chairs and ambient lighting, maybe even throw in a firepit if your reception is outdoors. Keep it simple but relaxing.

Take Song Requests

If you don’t want your guests sitting down the whole time, get them out on the dance floor by taking song requests from them. Tell your DJ to make the announcement that guests are welcome to request songs. Just watch them start to pour onto the dance floor once their picks come on! This allows guests to feel like they’ve had some deeper part in your wedding day.

Include a Drink Bar

Everyone loves some good refreshments at a wedding reception. A drink bar can be a great way to kick back, enjoy the party, and watch your guests let loose the dance floor. If you want something a little more unique than a traditional bar, Japanese sake (pronounced sah-kay) is a good alternative to consider. Sake is a grain alcohol made from rice and pairs well with many different flavors. For a fun and unexpected twist, a sake bar is worth the splurge.

Give Out Useful Favors

Guests don’t want wedding favors that they can’t use. A picture of you and your soon-to-be spouse is cute and all, but it isn’t something your guests can put to use after they get home. Offer up some delicious snacks – such as homemade cookies – or mini bubbly bottles. If kids will be in attendance, hand out bottles of bubbles or bags of candy.

If you’re going to be spending money on a wedding reception, put it to good use. Make your reception one that gets your guests involved and feeling welcome. You can keep it simple and affordable with careful planning, but it will still undoubtedly be a night to remember for everyone.

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