Fiesta! How To Throw an Amazing Mexican Themed Party

Mexico has a rich and vibrant culture that makes it perfect as a party theme. Whether you’re throwing a traditional quinceanera or just a birthday bash with lots of tacos, here are a few ways to bring south-of-the-border spirit to your get-together.


Sombreros are just the start. There are numerous images that will evoke a Mexican theme, including catci, chili peppers, maracas, sugar skulls, and mariachi bands. Younger crowds might favor decorations like pinatas while adults might appreciate a “la cantina” theme complete with a bar. You can also have fun with color schemes: The Mexican flag consists of green, red, and white, and other colors like yellow and orange are commonly associated with the country as well.


A party is only as good as its soundtrack, and fortunately, Mexican music is quite lively. You can play everything from old-school folk music to modern Spanish and Latin artists who specialize in pop, rap, and electronica. To get people feeling the rhythm, pass around instruments like guitars and banjos. To get everyone on their feet, start a conga line, or offer lessons in traditional dance styles such as jarabe tapatío and la conquista. You can even throw in some cultural clothing to give the dancing a carnaval-like atmosphere.


From lunch tacos to dinner stews, you’ll have plenty of options for your Mexican menu. Finger foods include empanadas, tamales, jalapeno poppers, and bean and salsa dips. Sit-down meals can range from quesadillas to enchiladas. You won’t want to forget the nachos, either! To get extra creative, set up a nacho bar where people can serve themselves buffet-style. You can offer multiple meat options like beef, chicken, and carnitas as well as toppings like cheese and guacamole.

Party Games

You’re probably familiar with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but there are other Mexican-themed games that can bring people together for laughs and silly arguments. Loteria, for example, is the Mexican version of bingo, and all that you need are the cards. You can also play board games like Mexico-opoly or Mexican Train Dominoes. For your foodies, consider a pepper- or taco-eating contest. For your athletes, go outside and play a few rounds of Mexican kickball.

These are just a few ways to throw a party that truly embodies the culture, history, and legacy of Mexico. It doesn’t matter if you’re inviting five people or 50. All gatherings will be fun and festive when people embrace the Mexican spirit!

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