Gothic and Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas

Your gothic lifestyle can be part of your Christmas decoration too. If you like this style, you can integrate it into all your special occasions. Nothing can prevent you from having a goth home decoration or a gothic wedding. Likewise, don’t hesitate to express your gothic style on your Christmas tree. Halloween is greatly associated with gothic too. Here are ideas for a gothic or Halloween Christmas tree to get some inspiration.

Of course, black is the main color for this style. You can go for a completely dark tree or choose either a black tree or black ornaments. Silver can be used as a complementary color.

You may like to combine some Halloween elements to your Christmas decoration. The period before Halloween is the right time to go shopping for your decor as at that time you can find a great variety of choices.

In this case a white tree is a great canvas for your black and orange ornaments.

The style can be lighter if you aren’t into creepy things a lot. Otherwise, you can use all your imagination to transform your house into a haunted place.

For DIY fans an early start of the preparations can give you the time to buy the material you need to make your own ornaments. Moreover, you can use Halloween decor you already have and place strings on them, so that you can hang them on your tree.

Υou can find an abundance of green and white trees in the market, but you can change the color of your existing tree with a spray if you don’t want to buy a new one and create your own gothic or Halloween Christmas tree.

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