How to Have a Beautiful Smile in 3 Easy Steps

Sometimes, your smile can be your best feature. Smiles are attractive, they make you look open and cheerful and they can “infect” other people with positive emotions. So if you want to make a good first impression with your smile, here’s how to improve it in three easy steps: 

Do some facial exercises

Many people think that they can’t change the way their smiles look, but there are ways to improve your lip and jaw movement. If you try out a few exercises for the face, it can change the way your muscles move and your smile looks. You can try practicing the Whistle exercise which involves pursing your lips like you’re preparing to whistle. However, instead of leaving a little gap for the air, make sure your lips are tightly pressed together. This movement should make you feel the tension around the lips and other facial muscles in the area. Hold the Whistle for 10 seconds and do the exercise 10 times and it should improve the width of your smile. 

Our next exercise is called the Rabbit, so grab a mirror for this one because it can be tricky at first. Start by smiling as wide as you can but keep your mouth closed. Try to wiggle your nose while smiling ear to ear to engage your cheek muscles. Fish Face is also a good exercise to make your cheeks less flabby. Just sick in your lips and cheeks and try to smile while holding the position. 

Take good care of your teeth

Teeth are the most important part of any good smile, just ask Hollywood stars with their shiny white teeth! Good teeth not only make you look more attractive when you smile, but they also give you a ton of confidence and make you magnetic. So make sure not to neglect the hygiene and health of your teeth. Brush at least twice a day, and throw in some flossing as well. Regular dental exams can also help, because your doctor will be able to identify any issues with your teeth and gums early on and fix them quickly and effectively. If there are any missing teeth in your smile, make sure to fix that ASAP because missing teeth can cause your jaw to change shape and give your smile a deformation. Luckily, dentistry has come a long way today and you can get implants to fill the gaps and make your smile perfect. 

And don’t forget about the color of your teeth. While some people naturally have more yellow or grayish teeth, there are things we can do to fix that. If you’re in need of some fast and easy teeth whitening, you can find a clinic that engages in different kinds of treatments (Triple Treatment, Ultra White Treatment, Tops Ups, etc.) to give you the best and most suitable results for your face, skin and smile. 

Learn a few tricks from professionals

Are there better people to ask for tips on smiling than professional photographers and models? According to these two groups of people who earn a living on a top-notch smile, some tricks can make your smile more confident in person and in photos. Firstly, don’t let your bottom and top teeth touch when smiling. When they do, you risk looking like Joker, but your neck muscles also bulge and make you look unnatural. A slight gap between two rows of teeth is what you’re looking for in a pleasant and natural smile. Secondly, wet your teeth before smiling to achieve a shinier and bright look, especially in photos. Thirdly, don’t forget to engage your eyes when you smile. The most genuine and attractive smiles all have eyes slightly squinted with raised cheekbones. If you’re not sure what that looks like, you use Google to find genuine smiles or take a look at the mirror and practice to get muscle memory. 

Ready to improve your smile? Practice these three tips every day, and soon your smile will sweep all the compliments when you light up the room with your pearly whites. 

About the author:

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a fashion stylist for few local fashion events. Beside fashion and styling, he enjoys traveling around exotic destinations and discovering new vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his personal styling business.

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