5 Common Benefits of Getting Braces

You have probably seen many people with braces on, and you might have wondered how they must hurt. You may have even thought about why someone would go through the process, considering they look uncomfortable. 

While your speculations are somewhat true, you should note that the discomfort is minor and goes away within days.  Also, you must realize that the side effects are worth the results. 

Getting braces is an orthodontic procedure that does more than just enhance your beauty. This article explains how braces can improve your quality of life and appearance. 

Improves Your Dental Health

Some people have crooked or misaligned teeth. When the teeth are out of symmetry, it is difficult to maintain good oral health since it is hard to maneuver the brush to get into all those tricky spots for thorough cleaning.

That can lead to an overtime build-up of plaque and tartar, which may cause a gum disease known as periodontitis. It is an irreversible gum disease that can cause the gums to recede, exposing the roots of the teeth and leading to sensitivity and possible tooth loss. 

Periodontitis affects adults with poor oral hygiene. After the onset of the disease, you can do nothing but slow down its progression. The best preventive measure for the disease is to ensure oral health maintenance, which is where braces come in.

Braces can gradually manipulate the teeth into alignment, leaving you with a straight set of teeth that are relatively easy to maintain.

If you are concerned about your overlapping or overcrowded teeth, you should look for a suitable dental facility near you. If you live in Wake Forest, NC, or surrounding areas, you’ll find various dentists that are affordable or offer financing plans. You could look up Vinson Orthodontics Wake Forest or other such facilities for free consultations and top-notch services to help preserve your oral health. 

Corrects Over/Under Bites

Generally, your upper teeth naturally overlap the lower one, but that difference shouldn’t exceed 4mm. If the overlap is higher than that, then it would be considered an overbite.

Similarly, an underbite is a condition where the lower front teeth extend outward ahead of the upper teeth. 

The two bites not only alter your facial appearance, but they can also lead to health problems if not corrected.

An underbite may cause pain when chewing or temporomandibular disorder, a facial misalignment with severe jaw pain. You may also suffer from tooth decay and cavities. 

The underbite can contribute to issues with breathing or halitosis. Halitosis is a chronic disorder that causes bad breath due to a bacterial infection of the mouth, sleep apnea, and headaches.     

These health issues can disrupt your daily life, and getting braces can help you recover. Once the orthodontist puts the braces in place, they adjust the pressure the braces will exert on the teeth for a specific period.

During that time, your teeth will gradually return to the correct position. Your dentist will readjust the pressure every visit until the teeth are aligned. The treatment can take about 6 months to 2 years, but that period may vary. The duration of your treatment can vary based on the severity and nature of your case.

Helps Improve Speech

It might sound like a strange benefit to gain from braces, but it is true. When you have an improper bite or misaligned teeth, they restrict your tongue’s movement. 

The tongue might not reach the roof of the mouth leading to the incorrect pronunciation of letters such as s and z. The braces will rectify the bite or the teeth misalignment, which should result in noticeable improvements in your speech. 

It is worth mentioning that the treatment is only effective for speech impairment related to dental issues. You must consult a doctor to get a proper diagnosis for other possible causes of your speech problem.

Contributes to Your Beauty and Confidence

Wearing braces can help improve your general disposition and looks. Spacing between teeth, crooked teeth, or misaligned jaws can significantly impact your look and how you feel about your appearance. Issues with the jaws can make your face appear asymmetrical, whereas teeth spacing can promote calculus build-up resulting in an unattractive smile. 

Such shortcomings can conceal other appealing aspects of your personality. Braces can help you eliminate these flaws and restore your confidence.  

Being proud of your look also improves self-esteem and influences your personality and how you socialize. It can also help elevate your mood, which can help improve your mental health in the long term. 

Promotes Digestions

You probably don’t realize it, but having misaligned teeth or a bad bite may prevent you from efficiently chewing your food because these conditions can stimulate jaw pain and headaches when chewing. You might not chew your food enough to avoid discomfort, but it can negatively affect your digestion.

When large food particles pass through your digestive tract, they can cause problems like excessive gas, constipation, and bloating. Chewing your food is essential because it assists in producing digestive enzymes that help in food breakdown—not chewing enough cause a lack of sufficient supply of these enzymes, hindering your digestion process.

Chewing also helps regulate the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which aids in the digestion of food.

Addressing your dental issues can keep your taste buds happy and maintain your gut health. So, don’t wait to make an appointment with your orthodontist.

Final Thoughts

Try not to feel overwhelmed about having to get braces. It may seem painful and inconvenient, but it helps to remind yourself why it is necessary to get them.

As discussed above, braces can help improve your oral health, enhance aspects of your facial appearance, and help you regain confidence. Though the procedure can seem lengthy and somewhat uncomfortable, opting for braces can help you correct or avoid various long-term health issues affecting your quality of life. So, visit an experienced dentist who can help you get the appropriate care within your budget. 

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