3 Most Essential Beauty Products and ‘Scrooge’ Tips

Some women are makeup addicts, while there are those who feel comfortable without any foundation on. You may not leave the house without your red lipstick or maybe a smokey eye look is your weakness.

Either you love make up or not, you are a natural look fan or you prefer more dramatic looks, one thing is for sure: there are beauty products you should never omit from your everyday routine.



If by hearing ‘sunscreen’, summer is what comes to your mind, then you should reconsider it. One of the biggest mistakes is not protecting your skin the whole year. It is not only about avoiding sunburns, it’s a health matter. Of course according to your skin type you may need different protection. For example, I use a 30 – 50 SPF sunscreen in summer and a 20 – 30 SPF (or more) sunscreen is my choice in winter. But another complexion may not require such a high SPF.

Nevertheless, don’t avoid sitting in the Sun for ten minutes every day so that your body attracts vitamin D which is essential for a healthy body. You don’t have time for a short walk every day? Simply have your morning coffee on the balcony, go on foot for your daily errands instead of using the car or walk with your kids to the park. It is understood that kids need to wear hats and sunscreen too.

For the last couple of years I have found enough coverage with Castalia products. My skin is very sensitive and their products feel very gentle and protective. In Summer I also used them on my kids.

Not shown in the photos, but last year I used Castalia Helioderm creme teintee SPF 50 a lot when I didn’t wear makeup.




I also tried Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 hydrating milk, which I mainly used on kids in Spring and I used it in the Summer late in the afternoons too when the Sun wasn’t very strong.

Although we spent a lot of time outdoors in the summertime, we didn’t see any sunburns, so I guess our choices in sunscreen were right.


Eye cream

The eye area is very sensitive and needs special care. The fine lines around your eyes can add ages to your face. Even if you can’t afford an expensive one, a cheap eye cream can be a solution. At times that I have run out of an eye cream I have replaced it with a little olive oil to keep the area moisturized. You can find it in your kitchen, so it won’t cost you anything!

Below you can see the eye creams I used in the last year.

At the moment I am using Castalia Sensial eye cream which makes my under eye area feel soft and moisturised. I have used several products from this line like Castalia Sensial Crème Hydratante Apaisante and Castalia Sensial hand cream. The eye cream is odorless, but the other products have such a sweet scent!

It is my second tube of it, but I tried several others before I go back to it.

I also used Castalia Chronoderm Gel eye cream when I was trying some other Chronoderm products (Castalia Chronoderm Vitamine C and Castalia Chronoderm Active 5 Serum). I would definitely repurchase the whole line again.


I also tried a brand I found at the super market when I was looking for a cheap eye cream. At the moment I am using several products of eleon as they had 1+1 offers, so I could write an overall review in the next months.


LR aloe vera multi intensive eye cream was the only one in a tub and it was the most expensive as well. I had already been disappointed with the shampoo of the same line as it wasn’t worthy of the money it cost.

I can’t say that I didn’t like it, but the fact that it isn’t in a tube made me use more quantity and perhaps it lasted less than I expected.


I am at a phase that I don’t have intense wrinkles and expect miracles, but the truth is that as I get older I would like to try a more expensive eye cream and see if it offers better results to the appearance of my eye area.



Hand cream

Another part of your body that can reveal your age or even add more years to your appearance is your hands. Especially the cold weather is an enemy that can be fought using the appropriate hand cream.

In case your hands get very dry, you need to search more to find the product that will cover your needs.

A little ‘Skrooge’ tip for the hand creams that didn’t satisfy you and you don’t want to use anymore, unless you can give them to a friend, sister, etc. who may like them, you can use them as body or foot cream so that you don’t feel they have been a waste of money.

Below you can see 3 products that worked well on my dry hands in winter.


And below are 2 products that have a gorgeous scent, but didn’t satisfy my needs.



Oh, yes! I just remembered the little protecting balm by Oriflame which I mostly use on my lips, but it is great for every dry skin area.


If you had asked me a decade ago, these would have been the products that I never used, but as you get older you realize their importance.

What are your most essential beauty products?


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  1. I guess we are on the same phase then, I don’t have major wrinkles, so I need to wear a moisturizer, a very thick or annti aging cream is still not for my kind of skin, I think! I hope you are fine and that you have a very nice day!

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