Tension Headache – Causes, Common Symptoms and Treatment Options

We face different types of headache issues; for example, migraine headache, sinusitis headache and many more. Among different types of headache issues, tension headache is found as the commonest type. It can cause mild and moderate pain on head, while it can also cause severe or intense paining. Paining areas are generally found as neck, head and behind the eyes. You may feel like a tight band around your forehead area due to tension headache. As the name suggests tension headache comes from tension on the muscles around your head, neck and shoulder. This type of headache can be episodic headache, leading to severe as well as chronic pain. Some people experience such headache at least once or twice in a month.

As per data, around 3% population of the USA is the victim of tension headache. Majority number of people face episodic tension headache, which strikes with 15-20 days time intervals. It can happen to both men and women. In fact, kids are also vulnerable to this disorder. Most importantly, women are found to be more vulnerable to tension headache than men. For women, it could happen twice in a month, and chances for tension headache for women can be two times greater than men for the same.

Common Causes of Tension Headache

Tension headache is caused due to muscle contractions in the neck and head regions. This physical condition or muscle contraction can be caused due to various reasons. Many people face tension headache due to different reasons. For example, watching television or sitting in front of computer for long time may result you severe or mild tension headache. Extreme cold or nippy weather condition may lead to muscle contraction, resulting into tension headache. Several other possible reasons are there, and let us find those reasons below:

  • Consumption of alcohol: alcohol consumption can cause temporary nerve inactiveness. It makes nerves lesser alert, which can to muscle contraction at head, neck and shoulder areas. Regular and extreme consumption of alcohol are common causes behind tension headache.
  • Eye strain: Putting strain on eyes is a common reason for the occurrence of tension headache. This may happen due to various reasons. For example, it may start from staring at computer for long time, without any breaks or rests. It can happen due to watching television for long time. Certain lights put strain on eyes. Staying on such condition for a long time can cause muscle contraction on your head and neck area. As a result, tension headache may take place.
  • Fatigue: Tension headache is a common aftermath of fatigue. Too much mental stress or physical fatigue leads to tension headache commonly.
  • Sinus infection: Due to sinusitis, blood pressure level increases around our face and head areas. As a result, muscle contraction may occur, and this can further lead to tension headache.
  • Apart from these things, some other common reasons for tension headache can be emotional stress, flu or cold infection, smoking, dry eyes, poor sleeping postures, excessive consumption of caffeine and many more.

Symptoms of Tension Headache

There are some prominent symptoms to diagnose tension headache. It can be mild or severe. Depending upon its intensity, tension headaches can show different types of symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Pressure around the forehead
  • Dull head paining
  • Fore head and scalp tenderness

Though these are prominent symptoms of tension headache, such symptoms can also be noted with other kinds of headaches too. Often tension headache has been confused with migraine headache. However, there are some differences that you have to understand. Migraine can lead to nausea and vomiting, while no such symptoms are noted with tension headache. In case of migraine, one portion of the head starts paining, while tension headache generally occurs on forehead area and you would feel like a tight band wrapped around your forehead. Disturbances of blood pressure level, especially high blood pressure level is quite inevitable with tension headache.

Various Treatments and Preventive Options for Tension Headache

Before knowing treatments options and over the counter medicines, it is essential to know preventative measures for stopping occurrences of tension headache. For meningismus treatment, Ibuprofen and aspirin are considered as the most effectual medications. However, before consuming them, one should consult with a doctor or physician. Doctors will also specify dosages for you as per your age and physical conditions. Follow those dosages to lower down chances for facing the side-effects of these medicines.

In order to prevent tension headache, the following things are recommended for you:

  • Avoid smoking or lower down your habit of smoking with when you have heavy workloads. Excessive smoking can result or trigger tension headache.
  • Lower down the consumption of alcohol to lower down chances for tension headache.
  • To avoid tension heading, sleep properly and sleep in good posture.

For episodic tension headache, prepare with proper medications and preventive measures to lessen up with stress.

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