5 Genius Stress Relief Tips for Working Moms

Most mothers are expected to work and raise their children at the same time. This can be quite stressful due to a sheer number of tasks that need to be done in one day only. It’s not easy being a working mom, especially if you don’t can’t rely on outside help. Therefore, aside from being organized, it’s essential to find a stress relief that will help you relax and forget all the day-to-day worries and minor frustrations. Dedicating some time to yourself isn’t a bad thing nor it should be seen as selfish. So, for that reason, here are some amazing stress relief tips that will surely benefit you.

Enjoy a physical activity that is enjoyable 

A lot of mothers often get shamed for enjoying some time away from their kids. But, making moms feel ashamed for having their own interests isn’t helpful behaviour, because every person needs some me-time in order to feel happy and energetic. Therefore, doing yoga, running, cycling or going to the gym are wonderful physical activities that can help you stay fit and look good. There’s no need to feel guilty about wanting to do something for yourself only. But, remember that, when it comes to exercising, it’s crucial to always start slow and be kind to yourself mainly if you have never worked out before. 

Spend some time with your single friends

Most moms spend time with other moms, and that is quite convenient because of playdates and a lot of shared topics that can be discussed in such groups. However, if you feel overwhelmed by your daily life, spending some time with your single and children friends can help you relax and talk about topics other than childrearing and housework. Staying in touch with your single friends can be a great way to discuss other topics and/or enjoy activities that aren’t strictly about family and work. 

Cooking can be a great way to relieve stress

Being a busy mom means planning and preparing meals for your whole family in advance, and despite what some might say, that can be stressful at times, mainly if you’re not someone who enjoys cooking. Still, exploring different international cuisines can be a wonderful way to learn about foreign types of food, spices and herbs, and thus, improve your family’s diet. For example, preparing mandarine cuisine recipes will help you relax and learn how to expand your cooking abilities. Of course, you’re always allowed to treat yourself to a glass of wine while cooking!

Forget all your worries and read a good book

Some people aren’t avid readers and that’s totally fine. But, did you know that reading can be beneficial to your well-being, especially if you read before bed? So next time you feel like immersing yourself into something, it’s better to pick up a book than spend time on social media. Even if you’re not into reading that much, you can always read light-hearted and romantic novels that will make you feel positive and hopeful. Aside from that, reading books about parenthood, self-growth and psychology will help you learn about yourself and become a better person. 

Go out and give yourself to a beauty treatment

Just because you’re too busy to spend time glamming up doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to go out once in a while and treat yourself to a facial or a massage. It’s important to understand that looking beautiful isn’t directly correlated to having money and a lot of time; rather it’s more about giving yourself permission to go out and do something for yourself. Therefore, doing your nails, hair or going shopping for new clothes isn’t and shouldn’t ever be seen as selfish or uncaring. Doing these things can help you feel good and alleviate the stress that’s been accumulating for weeks. 


Nobody deserves too much stress, and in case you’re a mother who also works, then you probably know how it feels. So, doing fun activities such as learning about cocktail food pairing menus or just spending time in front of the TV can be relaxing and beneficial to your mind. Next time you feel like doing something enjoyable, consider doing one of these things mentioned above because they’ll surely be of great help when it comes to your well-being and happiness.

About the author:

Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time. 

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