15-min perfect Full-Body Workout for Beginners

For a healthy lifestyle, you need to start with a workout routine. Workout can be as simple as a 15 minutes’ walk or as a one-hour complex weight lifting session at the gym. One of the common misconceptions in this read is the fact that most people do not consider walking a good workout because they feel it all comes down to time and intensity. On the contrary, fitness experts explain that it is more than just time and intensity. You don’t have to start with a big investment like a gym membership or home gym equipment, it all comes down to your dedication and persistence. According to a recent study, even a 10 minutes’ walk before breakfast is enough and will be considered equivalent to a heavy-duty gym session of around one hour, later in the day. In short, it is more about the technique you opt for rather than how much money you are willing to invest. For beginners, understanding the method of energy and how our body uses this energy can be a little tricky. Apart from this, simple things that play a very important role in helping you customize the workout routine also play a very important role. One of the very revolutionary approaches to exercise is a simple at-home no equipment workout with a limited time frame. You don’t have to invest in a workout and you can still benefit from it. These workouts are not just for the working women or at-home moms but also for men who find it hard to adjust their workout schedule along with their office schedule.

With the help of this article, we will highlight some of the best at-home exercises. These exercises do not need a proper at-home gym set up and you don’t even need equipment. In short, it all comes down to simple work and knowing the workout techniques.

How does Exercise work?

We all know that our body stores extra food and energy in the form of fats and these fat pouches make us look flabby. To reduce the fat, you need to start working more so that these fat deposits can be converted into muscle fibers or can be simply removed or degenerated. However, for the workout, you need to start by pointing out the muscle group that you need to use. Apart from this, you also need to see how you want to customize your work. A simple principle of workout customization is to keep in mind three different parts.

  • You can either change the intensity i.e. the weight you lift or how fast you walk
  • You can also control the time i.e. how much time you want to invest it can be an hour or just 10 minutes.
  • You can also change the distance i.e. how many miles you walk

All in all, you can either customize the time and distance or you can change the intensity, it will simply help you burn the same amount of calories.

Simple Exercises That Can Help You Burn Some Extra Calories

To help you know in detail about some of the best exercises, we have chosen easy yet equipment-free exercises. These exercises will eventually give you enough understanding of which muscle group you are using and how much effect this will have on your body. This all comes down to simple details but these exercises are good enough for a simple at-home workout.

Jumping Jack

Jumping jack is an excellent exercise that will help you engage your whole body. You don’t need any equipment and you can easily customize the time to meet your standards.

For jumping jack, you need to stand straight and raise your arms above your head. Now jump with both legs open and then get back to the starting position. Now keep repeating this as you try to make snow angels in the air.

High Knees

The high knee is an extremely effective and fun exercise. You do not need any equipment and the time limitation can also vary. You need to keep your feet apart now, keep both hands at your waist high and try to touch your hand with your knee. You need to jump for this, most people try to bring their knee as high as their chest however, that is all about personal preference.

Push Up Respect

Push respect is normally known as push-up shoulder touch but for some people, this name strikes better. You need to get into the push-up position and then keep your whole body weight on one hand while you touch your other hand on your shoulder like you are giving respect to someone. This is a fun exercise and you can further intensify it by clap push up, where you have to lift both hands and clap before getting back to the initial position.


Plank is an excellent exercise for sculpturing the abs. It will help you lose the fat from your abs and you don’t have to use any equipment. Start with getting in a push-up position, and then keep your body weight on your elbows. Keep your lower back straight and your abs tight. This will help you with your posture and you will also see improvement in your abs. You just need to hold this position for at least a few minutes.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that your goal will help you improve your workout routine. Apart from your goal, you also need to work hard on the customization because some exercises are good for abs whereas others are good for other muscle groups. Apart from this, there are a few exercises that might work for you but they might not work for others so well. Your history of exercises, active behaviors, and the way you use exercises in general plays a very important role. To sum it all up, keep exercises as simple as possible and the reward will be more.

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