X Simple Stretches to Boosting everyday Energy

We all have experienced times in our day where our energy has unexpectedly plummeted, leaving us lethargic & desperate for the quick fix. Rather than reaching for another cup of sugary snack, something easier, healthier & more gentle on the body stretching. Stretching in the day can help in loosening the posture & breaking up long hectic chains of being ‘stuck’ in a certain position. Doing right stretches at the right movement helps in releasing the tension in your tight muscles & increases the blood flow, that may boost your mental alertness.

Stretching plays a great role in improving your hip, neck, pelvic & shoulder movements for supporting functional, day-to-day movements of the body. Stretching is a healthy and effective way of keeping yourself healthy and active while preventing the aging process. Human beings tend to develop rigid muscular tissues & compressed joints stretching, creating elasticity in your muscles while maintaining extension in your joints for promoting your ability to move actively. 

These days most people have 9-5 office jobs that involve prolonged sitting hours. Sitting in a stationary pose can be bad for your mind as well as body. The blood flow in your body keeps you fresh, boosts your creativity and energy and makes you work efficiently. 

Having a regular stretch routine improves your flexibility, maintains a full range of motion & uses your muscles to their full potential. Tight muscles not only limit your mobility but also makes you prone to strains, pain & injury. Before we move further make sure you get yourself premium quality exercising clothes, it helps with motivation and getting the best of your training session. 

1) Stretch Hamstrings

This stretch targets the muscles which run through your back and legs. Start this stretch by laying down on the floor. Then bend both of your knees toward the chest & wrap the strap, with the resistance band, or a towel around your arch of a foot, then grab both ends of the prop you are using. After that, bend both of your knees at an angle of 90 degrees, then straighten both of your legs, hold them for 2 seconds & bend the knee. Repeat this stretch as long as you comfortably can. 

2) Stretch your Lower Back 

When the lower back is in the form of an arch, due to the long computer all day, take a moment to try this spine-massaging stretch. Start performing this stretch by sitting straight tall on the chair & place both of your hands at the back of your head with the elbows spreading out. Then twist to a side & drop it down. Hold it for two seconds and repeat this stretch. 

3) Dancing dog

Dancing dog is equally fun as it sounds, it does not actually need you to be a happy dog to get started with. 

Start this stretch by going in the downward dog position, undulating the body forward for transitioning into the plank position. After that, reverse back to the downward dog & repeat this pose for a minute. It’s a wave-like move that will definitely elevate your heart rate while energising your half-asleep body. For knowing more fitness facts click here. 

4) Hip opener

After moving yourself into the downward dog position, extend & raise one of your legs at your back. Once you have reached the high point, bend the raised leg & draw the heel closer to your bum. Try keeping the shoulders squared with one of your feet placed at the front of the mat. Hold this position for 30 seconds & repeat it on with another leg. Undergoing this pose will open up your hips while stretching your back, which can get tight by being in one position for extended time periods.

5) Quad stretch

Most of the people these days suffer from tight quads, especially early in during the morning, quad stretch pose is the perfect stretch for your quads & hamstrings. Start this pose by going into the lunge position, then place the back leg on some mat/towel, after that bend & draw the heel closer to your bum. Then reach the foot with your hands placed opposite to your leg at the back. From here slowly & gently start drawing the heel close to the bum with the hands.

6) Seated Twist

Sitting in the office on your chair for long hours can tighten your spine. For losing it and keeping it healthy, place the right hand at the outside of the left knee. Use your hand as a leverage for twisting to the left & place the left hand to your right as far as possible for having something that can get you hung up as you twist. You can also resonate your breathing with the movement. Exhale while moving into the twist & inhale as you make yourself comfortable. Repeat this exercise on each side. It’s a simple stretch which works really well for releasing your back, shoulders and neck. The twist also helps in rinsing out the internal organs, while boosting your energy. 

7) Chest/Shoulder Opener

Sitting at the edge of the chair, try clasp both of your hands at the back, for opening your chest & shoulders. Then take deep breaths several times, notice as you inhale the stretch reaches its top. Release & repeat 2-3 times. This stretch, while aiming your chest muscles, alleviates your upper back pain, most of which have that area at littlemore painful that’s mainly because of tightness in your chest region. Doing this stretch regularly also opens your lungs,  while allowing some deep breaths which help with easing the stress symptoms. 

8) Crescent Stretch 

The crescent stretch releases tension in your upper back region, neck, shoulders & torso. Start performing this stretch by sitting or standing then raising both of your hands over the head. After that, lock the fingers together. Take deep breaths gradually while moving the arms & hands at your right while placing the shoulders back. After that, hold this stretch upto 20 seconds. Then take a few deep breaths. Move towards your left & repeat this exercise.

9)  Neck rolls

Neck rolls can be an effective stretch for alleviating the discomfort and stiffness which is directly associated with the neck strain and is very effective for relieving muscle tension. Start this stretch with the head straight & looking forward. Then gently tilt the head towards your left side & roll you back in the circle. Then bring the head back to the position from where you started. Keep on repeating the exercise.  Also resonate your breaths.

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