8 Valentine’s Day last minute surprises

It’s 14th February again and for the ones who have found their match it’s a good chance to celebrate their love. If you want to do something special for your partner and not just buy a gift, you can use your imagination and be creative to show you have spent your precious time for them. If you haven’t prepared anything yet , here are 8 Valentine’s day last minute ideas to surprise your other half.

Decorate his place

If you live together, it’s easier to find some moment where they are not around, so that you can fill the house with red balloons and flowers. In case he/she lives in his/her own place, maybe you can ask help from a friend of them or a relative to let you slip in and add some Valentine spirit. Imagine their surprise when they enter the house and see what you have created!

Surprise dinner on the beach

You don’t have to spend money to show your love. Grab a basket with some snack and beverages and spend your day by the sea. Don’t forget to take jackets with you so that the weather doesn’t destroy your plans.

Write a romantic card

When you have emails and online messages, you don’t think of writing a card for your loved one. But what a better way to express your feelings than a love card!

Prepare homemade food

The busy lifestyle may not allow you to cook for your man or woman. Find some time to prepare their favorite dish or dessert. Τhe way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, a woman’s too!

Pay a surprise visit at their work

If you are close to their workplace, then why don’t surprise them with a short visit where you can bring them a cup of coffee or a bouquet of flowers from your garden? BUT make sure this isn’t going to cause them any trouble. Don’t be Ross from ‘Friends’!

Create a DIY craft

Offering a gift is a sweet gesture, but giving something you created shows you care about them. Even if your creations don’t look like they have come out of Pinterest, that you dedicated time for them will show your devotion.

Pop the question

Valentine’s day is a good date if you intend to propose. It is very romantic to want to spend the rest of your life with someone, so the most romantic day of the year is a great day to pop the question.

Surprise them with a cake

Even if you are planning to have dinner at a restaurant and it is something you are both aware of, you can arrange to have a heart-shaped cake on your table. This is going to be a very sweet surprise!

Whatever you decide to do enjoy the day! I hope you like these ideas for Valentine’s day last minute surprises.

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