What Are Dental Crowns and Why Are They Important?

When you go in for your regular scheduled checkup, your dentist may find various forms of damage in your teeth. This is a natural thing that happens to everyone, and depending on the problem there are various ways to fix them. The most common problem dentists find are things like cavities, which can be handled with a simple filling or two. Sometimes though, the damage is more extensive and it means you’ll need a different solution to save your teeth.

Dental crowns are usually what dentist’s go-to after they decide fillings won’t be able to fix the problem. Dental crowns basically cap the damaged tooth, shielding it from further chances of harm or stress that might lead to you losing the tooth completely. They’re a great way to cover and fix the damage in your teeth, leading to a healthy-looking smile.

What are Dental Crowns?

Instead of pulling them, your dentist can often save your damaged teeth by having dental crowns placed over them instead. These crowns provide an extra shield of protection for teeth that could suffer even more damage should they be left on their own. In fact, they may even eventually fall out or have to be pulled if they continued to be exposed to the harsh effects of chewing and other mouth movements.

Dental crowns are made to resemble the shape, size, and appearance of natural teeth. This way they don’t feel awkward inside the mouth or become easy to notice by anyone who looks inside your mouth. These crowns may be made from porcelain, metal, resin, or a combination of materials.

How Dental Crowns are Placed

To prepare a damaged tooth for a dental crown to go over it, the tooth is reshaped so that the crown will fit over it securely and look like a natural tooth instead of a cover over one. A special cement is then used to hold the crown in place so that the vulnerable tooth that’s underneath it always stays covered and protected without the risk of the crown being pulled off somehow.

Better Reinforcement

Damaged teeth are often more susceptible to breaking and falling out altogether, and dental crowns can provide the reinforcement that’s needed to save weak teeth from further damage. You may have avoided chewing food on one side of your mouth for fear of damaging a weak tooth or to escape the pain that comes from a damaged tooth being forced to be used, but with a crown in place you’ll be able to chew freely once again.

Helps Restore the Beauty of Your Teeth

Teeth with cracks, missing sections, or other visible damage often look less healthy and attractive. Dental crowns are designed to hide these flaws to restore the beauty and vitality of your smile. If you have been afraid to show your smile or have altered the way you talk to try to hide your teeth as much as possible, dental crowns can dramatically improve the look of your teeth and make you feel better about your appearance.

You don’t have to continue living with damaged, unattractive teeth. Dental crowns can be a great solution, and your dentist will let you know if this treatment is ideal for you after your teeth have been examined.

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