Tips for Choosing a Menu for Your Upcoming Wedding

Your wedding day is a time of fun and merry-making, and there is nothing that stirs up the joy even more than good delicacies for yourself and your guests. Just like every other part of the wedding requires prior preparation, like the venue and decor, what will be eaten should also be chosen early enough. This article explores some things to consider to provide the best meals for your guest.

Provide Starters

Giving starters and appetizers to your guests goes a long way in making them happy and excited to be at your event. Making your guests wait during the photo session without offering anything may make them angry and hungry, which is not the vibe you want in your event. There are many options as to what you can offer them without spending so much. You must discuss this with your catering service providers to know what exactly can work for you. You can offer them snacks and drinks like crackers or cocktails. This keeps them happy and a part of what is happening.

Choose a Suitable Reception Serving Style

There are various serving styles to choose from when planning your wedding menu. These styles are well described below to help you decide what is most appropriate for your event:

  • Buffet – This common style allows guests to access food from various sides and entrees. Guests line up and choose what they want to eat and how much to pick. The more food types there are on the buffet, the costlier. Guests, however, like buffets because they offer a variety to choose from.
  • Traditional – This is a standard serving style in most weddings, where guests enjoy the traditional plated sit-down dinner. Guests can choose what they would like to take when submitting their RSVP. They order what they’ll get and take it at a formal dinner.
  • Family – In this style, various plates of food are passed around a table where those present enjoy the meal as though eating it at home. It is a bit expensive because of the service required to provide everything in the course dinners.
  • Cocktail – This style offers to grab bite-sized foods for your guests all night. There are usually no traditional sit-down dinners. This style allows your guests to stay up and interact all night, although it is not appropriate for older guests. If you choose this style, it is good to inform your guests early enough.

These are some common styles available that can provide food for your clients, make them feel good, and enjoy the party. You can get these services from any catering service provider like Terra catering. Make sure you prepare well beforehand for a successful event and within your budget.

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