Signs Your Loved One Is Abusing Substances and Needs Help

Abuse of substances can be an incredibly difficult and delicate topic to approach, especially when it involves a loved one. It’s important to remain aware of signs that may indicate substance abuse, as well as understanding how best to approach the conversation. Drug use can have serious consequences, so getting help quickly is essential. Let’s look at some common signs that may suggest your loved one is abusing substances and needs help. 

Physical Changes 

One warning sign that your loved one might be using drugs or alcohol is if you start to notice physical changes in their appearance or behavior. For example, if they start exhibiting erratic sleep patterns, drastic weight loss or gain, or changes in their hygiene habits, these could all be indicators of substance abuse. Additionally, if they appear to be very tired and lethargic on a regular basis and are not able to concentrate or focus as well as usual this could also point towards drug or alcohol use. 

Changes in Personality 

If your loved one’s personality starts to drastically change – for example, if they become more aggressive, irritable or emotionally withdrawn – then this could also be a sign of substance abuse. Furthermore, if they begin isolating themselves from family and friends for long periods of time then this could also suggest something more serious is going on. Remember though that not all people who take drugs will exhibit behavioral changes; it depends on the individual’s personality type and the type of drug used.        

Financial Struggles 

Another indication that someone might be using drugs is if you notice sudden financial struggles with no clear explanation for them other than possibly drug use being the cause. If your loved one suddenly has no money left after payday but you know they haven’t been spending excessively elsewhere then this could point towards drug use being a factor behind their financial difficulties. Additionally, if they start asking for money frequently without any clear purpose then this too might suggest they are using drugs and need help getting back on track financially. 

It can often be hard to recognize when someone we love has begun using substances due to a variety of factors such as denial or fear of judgment from those closest to them. That said it’s important to remain aware of any potential red flags that may suggest otherwise such as physical changes in appearance/behavior, changes in personality/social behavior and financial struggles with no clear explanation other than possible drug use being involved. If you suspect that someone close to you has begun using drugs then don’t hesitate to reach out for support from a substance abuse treatment facility so the issue can be addressed quickly and effectively before further harm comes about due to substance misuse and abuse.

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