Science-Backed Ways To Cheer Someone Up

As winter approaches, it can be easy to let the holiday stress get to you. Though you know that it’s a time for celebration, with all the different things you need to get done it can be hard not to let a long to-do list take away from your holiday cheer.

That’s why Shari’s Berries infographic on ways to cheer someone up is perfect for the holiday season! With a list of 50 science-backed ways to cheer someone up, you can beat the holiday blues in no time and get back to celebrating your loved ones!

How to Cheer Someone Up

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  1. Τόσο ωραία να ειναι αληθινά Ντέμη μου!!
    Ένα Black Friday μου χρειάζεται να ξεσαλλωσω χα χααα!!
    Καλο ΣΚ!Φιλάκια!!!

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