Benefits of eating one meal a day and exercising; an effective weight loss strategy

One might shun the thought of missing out on both breakfast and lunch, but eating one meal a day has plenty of health benefits. Better yet, when one incorporates exercise into the equation, the results can be pretty impressive!

As human beings, the biggest weakness that plagues the populous is the unquenchable desire to binge on all manner of fast foods. This falls true especially for people living in the West. The overabundance of food, coupled with the ease of its availability, makes obesity an everyday problem.

However, there is one diet that is proving effective in the battle against weight gain. This is the OMAD diet. In fact, here are some of the benefits of incorporating OMAD into one’s lifestyle.

No cholesterol level increase

Unlike other diets that forces one to cut carbs, and to eat certain foods, OMAD diet gives one the freedom to eat whatever they desire, hence minimizing the chances of cholesterol level spikes in the form of unhealthy fats or other triglycerides.

Moreover, one won’t have the cravings to snack on other high fat foods as well as other nuts.

Reduced blood pressure

Another major benefit of OMAD is zero hikes in blood pressure. For starters, when the body is in OMAD, a lot of times, people tend to eliminate a lot of pre-packaged foods in the process. Hence, their bodies are not going to retain a lot of sodium.

As a result, blood pressure levels will begin to reduce because the sodium levels are minimal in the blood stream.

Watch blood sugar levels normalize

Having issues with sugar level spikes? Well, OMAD can easily solve this problem by ensuring that there is less sugar, snacks, and processed foods in the diet. By snacking less throughout the day, one eliminates these sudden insulin spikes, resulting in sugar levels normalizing.

Save big on cash

There is no doubt that food makes up a significant portion of one’s budget, especially if they happen to be a junk eater. That being said, by indulging in only one meal a day, this enables one to save up big on money that would have been spent on groceries, or on junk!

Gives you more free time

One of the best ways for one to free up their schedule is by spending less time cooking. Yes, cooking takes up a lot of time on a schedule. In fact, the average home cook spends about an hour everyday cooking.

That being said, by eating only one meal a day, one can save up on time that would have been spent cooking.

More energy and more active

Contrary to what most people believe, eating less actually makes one have more energy! The science behind it is pretty simple. Every time someone eats, their bodies require a lot of energy to breakdown food.

So if one is eating less that means less energy is being used for digestion. Where does this energy go? Perhaps on other activities like riding a bike, or going for a swim!

In conclusion, don’t forget to incorporate some exercises in OMAD when planning to lose weight. Exercises such as split squat jumps, push-ups, and pull-ups are essential in giving one the body that they desire.


  1. Ωραία αναρτηση Ντέμη μου!
    Μόνο ένα γεύμα και το βραδυ κατι ελαφρύ πάντα!
    Πολλα φιλακια!

  2. I love the tipsyou re sharing..
    In summer I eat really soft , and light.
    I love to eat salads and fruits.
    And with the ramadan month, I eat only one time in the evening.
    I also practice sport before the sunset because in the day it is to hot!

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